and affiliated websites have been seized – April 06, 2018

Well those of you that follow me know that I’ve been writing about these types of industries for years, and much of what I said is now coming into fruition. I’ve been writing about the need for premium services for years now. As the world opts for more socialism they forfeit their options. The reason why sites like Craigslist and Kijiji offer free listings is because they attract more people, but the downside to these free services also mean the victimized can also be included in a transaction without any trace of them being detected.

As many of you know I’m a free market guy, I don’t like the government cracking down on my individual rights, however with that said it’s important to know that when you cater to a particular group of people, you open yourself up to unforeseen consequences. As many of you know when I mention anything or recommend anything to anybody I usually do it because I’ve done my research, I personally prefer dealing with companies that do background checks, charge upfront costs and have a pretty fluid streamlined customer support process where it will be very difficult for things like child prostitution rings to manifest on their platform.

Now my hope is that was doing everything in its power to prevent such evil from being on it’s site but it’s still for the most part free to post an ad on, thus putting in a bad situation. Personally I don’t think prostitution should be illegal on the federal level but it is… Prostitution in my view should be left to the States to decide but that’s not the law right now.

So in my view, what should have done and I said this for years was make their service a premium service where like minded people meet and all parties would have to show identification and valid payment information before joining the platform. They could have avoided all of this, if they did that. Now obvious this would attract a different type of customer and their customer base might shrink but they’d be in proper compliance and they’d repel the scum of the earth from visiting or joining their services.

Again the last thing I want is for the government to grow, I’m not a fan of excessive regulations, but those of you that are pro free market have got to start participating in the political process. This idea that I’m just going to be a badass and eventually the laws will change doesn’t always go as planned and especially now that women have a much louder voice in politics, a lot of you beta males better grow a pair and start building sustainable businesses based on CURRENT market fundamentals. FREE doesn’t equal better, making money strictly off of ad revenue isn’t always the best way to operate a business.

As many of you know I come from the adult entertainment industry, part of the reason I support sites live webcam sex sites, like, Live Jasmin(18+ to join) is because they follow the laws. It’s not to say that some people might not fall through the cracks using Live Jasmin(18+ to join) but they’ve done everything in their power to make sure they’re attracting the right type of customer.

Plus because it’s a premium service every person can’t join. On the flip side to this whether the owners want to admit or not, they’re attracting the scum of the earth and it poses a problem. Now if there was a cost involved on both ends of the transaction ON THEIR PLATFORM, the cost to criminals would also inflate their prices, as they would have to factor in additional risk using the service.

At the end of the day as I’ve stated in past posts everybody is conservative when their bottom line is at stake. So if a criminal has to invest capital as well as measure the cost of going to prison, they’d think twice before using that service. This is the mistake didn’t take into account when they were taking bad advice from their many advertisers. Because remember when you’re a free marketplace company you’re basically owned by advertisers.

If they were a premium subscriber based platform, they’d be in a better position to educate their users about the laws. Because as an example if a user asked why they can’t do such and such, they ( could direct said user to laws governing the particular question that customer is asking. I’ve been in this industry for a long time folks and in my opinion made a tactical error. I’m not choosing sides, but I do think people with common sense need to get more involved with Politics of their Country. Right now as of April 07, 2018 below is what you’ll see when you visit and affiliated websites have been seized - April 06 2018 and affiliated websites have been seized – April 06 2018

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