Review Is It a Scam?

To start I want to make it clear that based on my reviews Charmerly is a scam and it’s not legit. I’m not a fan of Dating websites with something to hide. As all of my readers and subscribers know, I make it a habit to print out the terms and privacy policy prior to joining any of these new online dating websites. I’ve mentioned my history of being scammed by these online dating websites before and what saved me legally was the terms and conditions. So I always make sure I print out those documents out. Right off the bat make it difficult for me to do this, this is warning bells for someone like me and it’s why I’m calling a scam. Terms of use and Contact Page

I advise all readers of this post to consider reading the Charmerly Terms od use prior joining, furthermore I recommend the reader consider trying to contact Charmerly to get a better understanding for why I don’t see why they have something to hide? Email correspondence is obviously the Charmerly preferred method of communication which is fine, but being that they’re a “premium dating platform with an international focus” I’d like to remind people why I when it comes to international dating Foreign Affair is a much better choice.

If you live in the United States for example and you’re planning on dating internationally, there are plenty of free dating websites that you can use, furthermore a simple vacation is an easy way to meet people. Why people use the services of Foreign Affair comes from the fact that they’re an introduction service, not a dating website. Furthermore, when you join Foreign Affair they don’t have anything to hide, it’s the exact opposite, the problem they have is a lack of serious male members.

When you go to Foreign Affair what you’ll notice is that not only do they have written testimonials, they have pictorial testimonials, video testimonials, and audio testimonials. In comparison to Charmerly’s contact page which is email correspondence, Foreign Affair has email correspondence, phone support, a physical United States number and they do things within the guidelines of IMBRA (The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005) I’ve written about this on the forums several times. International dating is regulated and in this day and age, it’s recommended that you do things the right way.

Being that Foreign Affair follows the rules they have more legitimate verifiable success stories. One of the reasons why they have a lack of members and I’ve said this before is that a lot of the men that sign up quite frankly aren’t serious. There are costs to international dating, I don’t sugar coat this stuff when I write about this topic, this is why the women outnumber the men on Romance Tours, its because not enough men attend the events. When you join Foreign Affair and actually attend a Romance Tour it really is a reality smacking you in the face and the truth is most men simply aren’t ready for it. Online chit chat is fun and all, I have nothing against it but is dating international dating website with email support and Terms of Use and Privacy Policies that I find hard to print out, while Foreign Affair is a transparent international dating service with thousands of verifiable testimonials, they’re also American owned and operated plus they follow the rules to the best of their ability.

Final Thoughts regarding

Obviously, I’m not a fan of nor do I recommend them. Is a scam? I think they are, if they’re not based on my reviews it appears they have something to hide, I don’t think they’re legit. With that said I don’t write these reviews to tell people what to do with their time or their money. Any questions or concerns you have regarding should be sent to their staff directly.

As stated as far as international dating goes I recommend Foreign Affair. As you all know my reviews and recommendations are based on actual experiences, you won’t see me giving a site a 1 – 10-star review, I consider most of the review sites that do that to be scams. My reviews are based on me actually using the services I write about. Foreign Affair is ideal for people who are serious about dating internationally, there’s continuously been a lack of serious male members, in my experiences and interactions with people in person and online this is due to fear.

International dating is actually a good barometer to see if you’re committed to your own happiness, I find that for most men they’re fearful of what other people might say about them for dating internationally. This fear is why the men who take international dating seriously are usually successful.

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