Review Is It a Scam?

I recently became aware of and how it works and when I found out how it worked the first name that popped into my head was From what I know has a US Patent Pending as of June 2013 and one other thing I know is has been online longer. Both and explain in detail how their dating sites operate on their “How It works” section.

Personal thoughts regarding

Personally I wouldn’t sign up for knowing created this concept first as far as I know these sites have no relation to each other. Plus I’ve never like this concept I think this is just another way dating sites are trying to get money from men. Men seem to be the prime target of dating sites lately and now it seems men are paying women just to go on a date with them. NO THANK YOU! Man or woman I would never recommend anyone do this. If you’re going to pay someone to chat or to meet you it’s better either seek out the services of an escort or using a live video chat website like Live Jasmine.

I Think if you’re looking for a date or true love the Clever date approach is wrong one you’re paying not for a service but just to go on a date with someone and this money you’re paying isn’t going to charity or anything. I personally don’t like this concept however that being said this doesn’t make a scam. What I will say however is I don’t know if is legit because I don’t know if they have a legal right to use this style of Internet dating. That being said any questions or concerns you have about should be directed to them.

Final thoughts regarding

I will not be recommending CleverDate to anyone now or in the foreseeable future I’m not a fan of this sort of online dating and I still question the legitimacy of Your reviews count so if you sign up with write a review explaining your experience this will help others. Don’t let my personal review stop you from signing up with again any questions, ideas or concerns should be sent to them directly.


Past problems on internet dating used to be men lying about their height and women lying about their weight this is one of the reasons why I started to use adult dating websites. Not only did adult dating websites have graphic pics but they also had video messaging Adult Friend Finder was the first dating website I know of that took the whole online dating experience to a whole other level.

Because the internet is so saturated with adult dating scams a lot of people forget how Adult Friend Finder combined entertainment with dating people also forget that Adult Friend Finder catered to EVERYONE where other dating websites made certain people or certain groups of people feel left out or ostracized. In my opinion I think this is why Adult Friend Finder was able to reach 40 million members. Is Adult Friend Finder for everyone no but they certainly make you feel welcome and I was able to meet someone in my second month of joining the first time.

Of course I’ve been an on again off again member ever since but this is why I can say wholeheartedly that Adult Friend Finder is my favorite dating website. If you decide to sign up I would give them 3 month’s of effort before deciding to quit. Most people quit to early without getting to know how Adult Friend Finder really works I think this is a mistake on their part. If you sign up with any internet dating website whether it be clever date, a free dating site or a premium dating website give it at least three month’s if you can’t make this commitment don’t bother signing up because you need to give people time to respond and also time to get to know you. Remember that members of Adult Friend Finder are like me we’ve been using the site for a while so we have an idea of who is serious from who is not. I’ve written way to much for this post so I will stop here.

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