Review Is It a Scam?

In English means “Cougar For Me” if you stretch the words out in French it reads like this Cougar pour moi. Basically is an adult cougar dating website. In my personal opinion sites like Cougar pour moi are not the best places to find cougars when it comes to finding cougars it’s best in my opinion to find the local cougar hangout. Cougars are usually undercover and the reason they’re undercover is because most of them are professionals if they’re not undercover they’re usually using free dating websites.

Personal thoughts regarding

I’ve joined one of the sites owned by the network that owns in the past and to date it was one of the worst online dating experiences I’ve ever had. Although legally is not a scam I would never recommend them to anyone. From my experience using this network I fell like people we’re being paid to talk to me just so I would spend more money this really angered me and it’s one of the reasons I started blogging. Instead of using Cougarpourmoi I would advise my readers to check out Live Jasmine first because in my opinion the only difference between the two is Live Jasmine is more open about they’re all about plus I find that  Live Jasmine is a lot cheaper.

Final thoughts regarding

Is a scam? No but I would never recommend them to anyone my review on the Alcuda network is negative one I’ve left my reviews and my complaints on websites that report scam and some other blogs that do the same. If you sign up I recommend leaving your honest reviews as well one thing I want to say is make sure you actually try the site before submitting your review because a lot of people write negative or positive reviews without even trying site. I don’t like people telling me to do with my money so I won’t tell you all I’m saying is I don’t recommend I wish all my readers the best of luck.


When it comes to online dating I can only speak for myself and say that I’m a fan of Adult Friend Finder and the reason I love this site is because of my personal success using it. Adult Friend Finder is a swingers adult dating website with 40 million+ members more importantly members are active meaning that there is someone from your city using the site every second of the day.

Another thing that separates Adult Friend Finder is how they reached 40 million members they grew their membership organically mainly through word of mouth no television commercials or mainstream advertisements. I’ve even heard people mention sex dating websites on television talk shows and should be noted that I’ve been using Adult Friend Finder since 1999 but they’ve been online from what I know around 1996.

The problems arising now are coming from fraudulent adult dating websites popping up all over the internet making it hard for people to tell the real ones from the fake ones. As a disclaimer I must warn my users that my personal success shouldn’t reflect yours. I will not subject myself to ridicule so I will say this clearly my personal success using Adult Friend Finder doesn’t necessarily mean you will have the same success. I don’t know how some of you act when you’re in the presence of strangers nor can I control your what you write or say the ownness is on you I’m only writing on behalf of myself and my experiences and I will continue writing for as long as site works for me.

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