Review Is It a Scam?

Doing this cuddling reviews haven’t been easy, meeting people in different public spaces, getting to know them and their boundaries, what’s acceptable, what’s not, fees for different services, something so simple become so complicated. In short is Cuddle Comfort a scam? The answer based on my reviews is NO! Based on my review CuddleComfort is legit.

In comparison to the last cuddling site, I reviewed is free, it’s based in the U.K and yes many of the members are real, however, it’s up to you to do your due diligence because isn’t a premium service. You all know I’m not big on free services because there’s no buffer to prevent people that aren’t serious about cuddling from joining.

Personal thoughts regarding

I have to be honest, I do see the value in CuddleComfort and sites like it, but being that I come from the adult entertainment world I do find this type of service to be better in theory than it is in practice. I think expectations for many will be more than service providers in many instances is willing to deliver.

So what am I get at here, well if you know anything about adult services workers that provide erotic services in most instances cuddling is the last thing they want to do, typically they want to do the deed and leave, with cuddling it’s actually a different experience, there’s communication, tension, relaxation, playing nice, meeting up for coffee, dinner, walks in the park etc.

It’s different and yes, I do know about the dark side to this industry, but that’s not what it’s about and this is what some people find disappointing, I’m not saying Cuddle Comfort is a disappointment but the cuddling experience could be a disappoint depending on what you’re looking for.

Final thoughts regarding

Again based on my reviews CuddleComfort is legit, it’s not a scam being that I joined only with the intention of reviewing it I won’t be recommending them at this time, but they’re tops on my list if you’re living in the U.S a looking for some cuddle comfort. With that said any questions or concerns you have regarding should be sent to their staff directly.

When it comes cuddling I’m learning, I’ve allowed myself to be a student and accept it for what it is, I’ve been getting requests for years about these cuddling services, but, I do have a life, so I can around to these things when I can. As you all know when it comes to online social connections my favorite is adult dating and the number service as I’ve been saying for years is Adult Friend Finder.

I forgot to mention that is based in the U.K to the best of my knowledge well Adult Friend Finder is based out of the United States, it began as a swingers dating website when you join  Adult Friend Finder man or woman you’ll see why cuddling feels like it’s going backward for me. It’s not that there’s no value in it, it’s just that the concept of Adult Friend Finder is rooted in building open relationships with people.

The concept of having an open relationship and simply being who you are and not being afraid to show it is why  Adult Friend Finder has been online since 1996. People forget that they were around when it wasn’t okay to be open about who you are. Recently the LGBTQI community started to get recognized politically, well  Adult Friend Finder took the private sector initiative and included every individual from way back in the 1990’s, something they got a lot of unnecessary hate for.

Because I’m a bit older than a lot of my readers, I have to tell you that the world was a different place when  Adult Friend Finder got started and their company vision was so accurate that it’s only now that the world is starting to catch up. With that said I also have to add that they’re a premium service, I’m not a fan of free services you all know I wrote extensive pieces about backpage and why free service attract the wrong type of attention that’s hard to micromanage. So be wise with your time and the services you use.

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