Review Is It a Scam?

For some men that can’t picture any slim women joining sex dating websites most men believe that only overweight women join sex dating websites and actually this is far from the truth. As most of you know Slim women dominate the porn industry with an iron fist and the reason for this is because most slim or athletic women just like men or typically more confident so if you think that joining a site like Curvy BBW will increase your chances of hooking up with someone you’re sadly mistaken. is actually fairly new in the so I find it kind of interesting that is saying they’re the “World’s Largest BBW dating network” when most of us have never heard of them. For a fact I know that uses automated bots because as soon as signed up with them I was getting winks.

Personal thoughts regarding

Many of you reading this are probably wondering why I started this post talking about insecurity well I did this because people reading this should know that overweight women are still women and they won’t get excited and start winking at any guy that signs up. I think I received like 10 winks when I signed up and this was without a picture ad this to the fact that claims to have 1 million users and what this looks like to me is a flat out scam.

Legit & successful dating websites with over 20 million members don’t even have this type of response rate. This was enough for me not to upgrade I’ve joined more dating networks than most people know about and CurvyBBW has scam written all over it. The only thing positive I have to say about is that they have some of the lowest prices I’ve ever seen but as the old saying goes you get what you pay for.

Final thoughts regarding

Any and all legitimate reviews would tell you not to sign up for personally I think it’s a scam and I won’t be recommending it to anyone. That being said if you want to sign up with them don’t let me stop you any questions or concerns you have regarding Curvy BBW should be directed to the web owners.


Ladies and gentlemen reading this  adult and sex dating is something that you should join with caution Adult Friend Finder which by the way has over 40 million registered members is the only swinger dating network that carefully considered every aspect to the adult dating experience make no mistake about me Adult Friend Finder which has been online since 1996 is the only adult dating network that has both with male and female members.

The primary reason Adult Friend Finder has been able to do this is because every feature they have offers benefits to men, women both gay and straight when you’ve joined as many dating networks as I have it’s pretty obvious to see why Adult Friend Finder remains at the top of the list for most people.

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