Dream-Singles.com Review Is It a Scam?

If you’re about to or if you’ve already joined Dream-Singles.com owned by Dream World Partners Inc. and you’re wondering if they’re a scam? The answer is no, based on my reviews Dream-Singles.com is not a scam and is indeed legit. Dream-Singles has been around to the best of knowledge since 2003, yes based on my reviews they’re legit and American owned, you can view their information below, they’re a very transparent company.

Dream World Partners, Inc.
9120 Double Diamond Parkway Ste. 3988 Reno, NV, 89521

I don’t have a ranking system I don’t give dating websites 5 or 10 stars or anything like that, my reviews are always based on usage and results. similar to my views of foreignladies.com. In the end, international dating is about meeting in person not just chatting online. It’s not to say that Dream-Singles.com is a scam or anything like some of the scam international dating websites I’ve reviewed, however at the end of this post, you’ll have a better idea as to why when it comes to international dating I speak and write so highly of Foreign affair.

dream-singles.com Versus The Rest

I’d rather dream-singles.com be here rather than it not be here, there are so many international dating scams online, that gives the international dating community a bad name. At the very least dream-singles.com is transparent, and better than 90% of the international dating websites online. What separates dream-singles.com from Foreign affair is that when you join or even when you visit the Foreign affair website, you learn very quickly that Foreign affair revolves around meeting in person and their singles tours and events.

Now, sure Foreign affair caters to the demands of the market, providing phone chats with translations in some instances, online communication, gift sharing and everything else, but when you join Foreign affair you learn immediately that they mean business. When Western men think of International dating, they sometimes take the human element out of their interactions the women who are looking for love, doing things online can do that, and that’s one of the reasons why Foreign affair has never wavered on their dedication to their singles tours.

There’s a section on the dream-singles.com website that displays the ratio of women to men for every 7 women there is 1 man, this true when it comes to international dating. It’s hard for western men to visualize this because many of us have been brainwashed into believing that women and men aren’t equal and in fact and men, in fact, should be subservient to women. In most parts of the world, equality isn’t measured by Government decrees, it’s left up to the people to decide.

When women are left to decide what’s best for them, when women aren’t pressured to follow particular standards, many women opt to pursue their vision of happiness which in many instances includes a man who will love them unconditionally. This the main reason why when men and women join international dating websites like dream-singles.com or Foreign affair age isn’t as important.

dream-singles.com is a great option, better the most, they’re not my preference, but they’re still a great option when you compare them to most of what’s available online.

Final Thoughts Regarding dream-singles.com

I’m currently not an active member of dream-singles.com so I will not be recommending them at this time, however with that said, based on my reviews, dream-singles.com is legit and is not a scam, they have several methods in which you can contact them, so if you have any questions or concerns regarding them or their service you should contact them directly at their phone number 1(888)989-4889 or by chat, email or registered mail.

When it comes to international dating, I only recommend the service I use, If I’m not an active user I won’t recommend them. I write favorably of Foreign Affair because I’m a member, Foreign Affair revolves around meeting in person, they’re also America owned and they’ve been in business since 1995, they too can be contacted by email, phone, and registered mail, they also have a U.S physical address.

Foreign Affair is also very transparent, they have a youtube channel, radio show, news later, shows, singles tours etc. Furthermore, Foreign affair is not shy about their testimonials, Foreign affair has video testimonials, audio testimonials, pictorial testimonials, written testimonials, if you didn’t know better you’d think they’re just showing off, but it’s not that it’s that they have so many success stories, that only your own fear will stop you from being successful using the Foreign affair service.

I always ask people to join me on their romance tours, but because only a few people have the heart to come to join us there are 7 women for every 1 man, this, of course, leads to why Foreign affair has so many success stories and testimonials, sure you can communicate online, I do it too, but I advise you to come to join me at least once, it’s so much fun it will change how you go on vacations, at least that’s what it’s done for me, because I remind you, these are singles tours, with serious women looking for a relationship.

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