How To Find The Right Man or Woman For You

For my subscribers you might be able to find this post on the forum or another blog I post on. However we’re having trouble and we need to address this topic because of the upcoming romance tour that was made for single American and western men struggling to find love domestically. Being that my background is adult entertainment I tend to address these issues from an entirely different perspective. Women appreciate my straightforwardness and men appreciate my brutal honesty. When I’m writing this post you’ll notice that gender is not my focus instead i focus on you.

Are you the person you truly want to be?

Money aside are you the person you want to be? At the very least are you working towards becoming the person you want to be? Do you allow yourself the flexibility to try and fail? If you answered NO to any of those questions I’d advise against finding someone at this time. The people I find most attractive are the people who are content with themselves.

-I’m not perfect deal with it,
-I reserve the right to change my mind about any issue at anytime deal with it,
-I’m a work in progress deal with it
-I’m happy with the person the universe created me to be deal with it

Once you’ve reached that understanding within yourself you can decide who you want in your life. Stop trying to control people. When you find another human attractive are you consciously aware that when you meet someone that you secretly might want to change that person to suite your needs, instead of simply accepting them for who they are and knowing instantly if you want them to be a part of your world. The question that may come to your mind when I write this is well “what about what they want?” My simple answer to this question is who cares… As an individual following the laws of your countries of course you give the person you’re interested 100% of your effort so if you “fail” you know you did everything you could to make them a part of your life.

When you try your best at things ALL THE TIME and you “fail” it should invigorate you, it should free you, it’s suppose to remove the shyness in you, it’s suppose to make you more confident because the reality is none of us are better than each other. We are all unique and have unique gifts to offer but none of us are better than each other and the moment that realization hits you, the easier it will become to find the right man or woman for you. The simple truth in many instances could be that you’re operating at a higher level of consciousness than the person you thought interested you.

For men I often write about the romance tours because when you actually go on one which most men don’t do you get to see the world from a different perspective. Prosperous societies all over the world are built primarily with women and children in mind. If the societies we live in today we’re really patriarchal, liberated men would more than likely opt for anarchy over a moral governmental. Cultures which are male dominated or more patriarchal tend to love war, in these societies women are often looked at as liabilities. In more secular societies straight men are taught not to look at women as equals but as assets to acquire, which for some men makes them view women as superiors to themselves.

So when most men approach women they’ll approach women with a LIMITATION state of mind. They’ll tell themselves I don’t have enough money, I don’t have enough time, I’m not good looking enough, I’m not wearing the right clothes, I’m not perfect enough etc. Men all over the world do this and this becomes their culture around women. Based on my experiences things change however when you’re in foreign territory with people who have a different culture from your own. Being around people of different cultures forces your brain to WAKE UP.

Just so men understand this women of means or middle, upper middle class and wealthy women are known to take a lot of vacations, do a lot of traveling and meet a lot of people. This may scare a lot of you but this allows a lot of women to elevate their minds to a level many of the non traveling men have yet achieve. When it comes to economics yes I’m a capitalist but traveling the globe enabled me to view the world from different economic perspectives. The different political factions in Colombia as an example was an eye opener for me. The roots of Eastern European philosophy and politics is more complex than I had initially thought. Now it didn’t change me but it woke my brain up The world is larger than I thought and unless I’m man enough to be my true self in the face of adversity I will be incapable of finding the right partner for myself.

The right partner, the right partner, the right partner is different from finding a partner. Maybe marriage isn’t your thing, maybe your ideal partner doesn’t want marriage either. Most of the affluent people I know do not live traditional lives and their partners are okay with that. Because they were able to find their right partner, they were able to have conversations that people who find a partner we’re not able to have. To find your right partner you have to know and be comfortable with who you are. You’ll never be perfect to another person, they’ll always find fault in you, but the real question is DO YOU CARE what other people think. As many of you know I follow the laws, society can do whatever it wants, I vote for freedom and I follow the laws. Everything else in my world is subjective. i’m charitable I love helping others but I don’t try to act like I can control adults. I recommend that you be the person you truly want to be and accept it. I find that I’m happier that way.

Thanks for reading this post I wish you all the best, life is short live it to it’s fullest. For my online domestic dating choice click the link below, in addition to online dating I recommend that you find a social circle that reflects the person you are or the person you want to become. I wish you all the best. As always please forgive grammatical errors I do have a life and I write a lot of these posts per day.

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