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To start it should be known that this post is about and not about is a very unique site for people who well have foot fetishes. is an adult dating site and it should be known that is not a scam from what I know it is 100% legit and if it’s something that interest you I highly recommend you check them out.

Personal thoughts on

I love unique adult dating sites because there will always be a place for them. For those of you thinking about creating an adult dating site try to be creative and unique because those are the sites that usually last. Even though I recommend joining larger adult dating networks a dating site doesn’t have to have a lot of members to be a good dating site especially when it’s designed specifically for a certain group. was created for a specific group and should also be pointed out that does a good job explaining to people that scammers do join adult dating networks it’s just the way these things work. You have to understand that are a lot of groups, religious groups, hate groups etc. that don’t like anything adult related and they will sign up to adult networks just to cause havoc. The responsibility is on the person who signs up not to fall for scams or for fake profiles.

Final thoughts on

Great site not a scam as far as I know it is legit it is worth checking out I don’t put my neck out for any site but I will say is if you’re interested I think is worth checking out if you’re not finding much success it could be their lack of members.

For those interested my personal favorite adult dating website is Adult Friend Finder. I need to mention to the people interested that Adult Friend Finder is a swingers site so you will see couples using it Adult Friend Finder currently has over 40 million members worldwide and there is usually at least 100,000 people on the site at any given time. If you live in the state of California Adult Friend Finder in my opinion would be a site you should consider people residing in larger cities will see more people locally online using Adult Friend Finder. I recommend Adult Friend Finder because I’ve had success using it if I have success using another network I will keep you posted.

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