FOSTA-SESTA Reviews – The Cost of Being Free

Those of you who follow me know, I’ve been straightforward regarding these so-called “free” online services. I told my readers over and over again don’t get involved. I’ve talked about people getting robbed via these free services, people being killed, people getting different types of troubles involving themselves with these free services.

Now it’s important that I point out that I’m not a fan of the application of FOSTA(Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act) and SESTA (Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act). But I do agree that something had to be done. I’ll say this in a way people can understand hopefully, it may seem like I’m going nowhere with this but if you follow me you’ll understand my point. If a person is going to a club that has a theme that revolves around sex should the club charge a fee or allow the club to be free?

Now, if the PRIVATE club is free and the same non paying customers show, up over and over again, not buying drinks and causing problems for other members of the club, should the owner continue to make the club free? Now let’s say one day a frequent non paying guest to this club turns out not only to be a nonsense but he turns out to be a criminal whose part of a larger criminal network, this criminal kills someone and the club he frequents has no information at all about that non-paying customer.

Now imagine this scenario kept happening over and over and over again. To the point it began a pattern and when the law asked the club owner to alter his policies the club owner simply said I’m not doing anything illegal? What then? The victims or the families of these victims might be opted to take extreme measures right?

I’m Pro-Freedom I hate big Government But…

You all know I’m pro-capitalism, I’m pro-liberty, I’m all for free markets however people forget that these western societies, for the most part, were built on the backs of Christian thinkers, with Christian values and Christian morals. That moral code was supposed to be a moral code that kept society together, of course with the relinquishment of church and state, atheist thinkers alike started to make their presence felt and morality eventually became something subjective.

So as this occurred differing attitudes regarding business and capitalism started to form and certain business people took it upon themselves to operate businesses free of moral obligation. “If the law doesn’t force me too, I won’t do it”, that’s the renegade attitude a lot of businesses even today have. It’s reckless business attitudes like this that lead to laws like FOSTA-SESTA. Backpage should have been a premium service all the way around from day one or from the moment they became successful. If a new startup wanted to use being free as a promotional tool than let them, but Backpage should have been premium service especially when the law started harassing them.

Why be a premium service? The reason why you become a premium service is it makes it easier for law enforcement to do their job. Even if a person purchases a pay as you go credit card it can still help law enforcement do their job to catch these criminals. However when everything is free, nothing is traced, there’s no login history, there’s no transaction history NOTHING. When you have this lackadaisical approach to your business and lives are being affected this is the end result.

Those of you who follow my work know I can be a bit of a one-trick pony at times and the reason for this is simple, we all know the truth can be rather boring sometimes. But, doing things the right way makes your life easier, you all know that I’ve been part of the adult industry for a while and my advice commonly to people getting involved in the sex industry is consider joining the  Live Jasmin Modeling Platform. it’s safe and it’s an avenue you can use to gain an international audience. It’s also a premium service that follows the law best they can to keep you away from illegal stuff that’s happening, I’ve said this a thousand times stay away from non-premium services.

On another note, it’s important that you familiarise yourself with FOSTA-SESTA namely the sections that write about the promotion of sex for money on the internet. People are often baffled by why I’m so passionate about Adult Friend Finder. To answer this quickly I’ve often written about free dating websites and the problems with them, yes there are successes but there are also a ton of bad stories that most people don’t want to talk about, robberies and other illegal stuff that I won’t get into.

Well, Adult Friend Finder is a premium adult-themed dating website. Where women and men can meet like-minded people. Because Adult Friend Finder is premium, most of the scammers have already been weeded out. Now, this is not to say that aren’t scammers, scammers can be anywhere. But there’s a paper trail, there’s a way for authorities to get the bad guys when you join Adult Friend Finder which by the way is American owned and operated.

When you read up about some of these other sites you quickly learn that they’re foreign owned, so they could care less about you or your rights. My appeals leaning toward Adult Friend Finder have typically been towards women because in my view I wish more women would take their online security more seriously. Furthermore, Adult Friend Finder also provides incentives so as I’ve been saying for years if you’d like to build real relationships join a premium service. Also when joining be sure that you follow the laws because you will get banned.

There are a lot of affluent people who join Adult Friend Finder so take your time, get to know people and build relationships. It’s important to know that they’ve been online since 1996 and have been following the laws since their inception, lots of great people. I’ve always wanted the internet to get cleaned up, I wish we didn’t have to involve the government. My main purpose for writing this is I’m hoping more of us can start taking the initiative instead of waiting for government enforcement. Please report these criminals who are exploiting the vulnerable amongst us.

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