Review Is It a Scam?

For the record I’m not anti-capitalism but my personal view is why lie when it’s not necessary? The program is promoting is NOT free. is not free it might be free to join but using all of its services is not free. What I find odd about this scheme altogether is the fact that this type of marketing isn’t even necessary. I won’t lie I’ve spent money on Live Jasmine before; something about the adult industry as whole has always interested me, but here’s the thing Live Jasmine doesn’t market itself the way does.

My thoughts on

I’m very active in the adult industry and when you’re as active as I am in adult industry you can’t help learning the business side of things, the marketing and advertising side of things interests me a lot. That being said whenever I spot deceptive advertising I have to find out what’s going on. When I researched my free cams I found my answer very quickly if you visit the link below you’ll notice that the models working for are told  by Myfreecams that: – and I Quote:

“We pay MUCH more than any other webcam site on the Internet, about 60% of total revenue or more. Payments every 2 weeks, with no deductions, no fees, no minimums, and no delays.”

I didn’t just make that up folks if you don’t believe me visit the link below. and aren’t really free are they?

I don’t like people what to do so I won’t tell you all I’m saying is if you’re going to sign up for understand that they’re website is built to make you spend more money which in turn will go to the live cam girls. Just like every other “live cam” site you need to become a “premium” member to reap the benefits. Even the live cam girls ask you to become premium. Where catches people are with their tokens features as a free member depending on the model you’ll get a message saying something like “Basic members have been temporarily muted by the model. Buy tokens once to become a Premium Member for life.”

In my opinion this is straight B.S this makes worse than Live Jasmine because as a free member you can’t even chat to some of these girls, wants you to use your credit card just to chat. Plus have you seen the price for their tokens As of February 2012 these are the token prices.

200 Tokens for $19.99 (~$0.10 per token) (Free Upgrade to Premium Status)
550 Tokens for $49.99 (~$0.09 per token) (Free Upgrade to Premium Status)
900 Tokens for $74.99 (~$0.08 per token) (Free Upgrade to Premium Status)

Final thoughts on

Personally I don’t think it’s worth it but don’t let me personal views stop you from trying it out. I’ve tried every cams site and every adult dating site and what I tell people that want to listen is that if you’re interested in this industry like I am consider using the Adult friend Finder service. I’m not guaranteeing that you’ll get laid using Adult friend Finder but what I am saying is that you’re chances of meeting someone at Adult friend Finder is far greater than it is anywhere because Adult friend Finder has largest male and female population online.

On top of this Adult friend Finder also has its own live cam site. If you sign up try to stick it out more than just a month and try to be active and don’t get discouraged if one or two girls aren’t interested these are real women and they’re not going to just jump in your bed because you sent them a wink. I’m an off again on again member, when your active and people get to know you girls start to trust you even guys start to trust you. Online dating isn’t rocket science if you give up early you’ll never understand the value of an Adult friend Finder.

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