Review Is It a Scam? joins the ever growing list of adult dating websites. Personally I have no problems with any adult dating website the only thing I don’t like with this one in particular is the name. It calls itself “Free lifetime hookup” Yet one of the first messages you get when you receive a message from another member is “To read this mail you will need to upgrade your membership statu …” keyword in that instance being upgrade your membership.

Personal thoughts on

I will admit rubs me the wrong way what made me sign up initially was the name and the slogan 100% Free Lifetime, Never pay for a dating site again! Those are some strong words yet as soon as I sign up they’re asking for an upgrade. I understand if a dating website says sign up for free. But when you say 100% Free and the name of your website is I would expect your website to be free.

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I won’t call a scam but I won’t call it legit either I will remain neutral on about this site. I’ve just become aware as of March 2013. Yet on one of their pages I’m saying what appears to be a testimonial that says”soCalBaby_998 looking for:Discreet Affair Member since:2009″. Based on what I’ve reviewed for myself I will not be recommending to anyone at this time. That being said if you want to sign up don’t let me stop you I wish you all the best.

As I’ve said on more than one occasion when it comes to adult online dating it’s better to stick with websites that have been around for more than a few months or a few years. If you’re going to pay for a service I recommend going to where all the action is. Personally I’m a fan of Adult Friend Finder. I’ve been an on again off again member of Adult Friend Finder since about 1999 which is when I first heard about. Truth be told however from what I now know Adult Friend Finder has been online dating back since about 1996, the date in which I’m writing this 2013 so if you’re wondering if Adult Friend Finder is a scam or not the answer is clear.

What I will say about Adult Friend Finder is that It’s not for everyone, if you harbor this false notion that a woman will come to your house without getting to know you first I hate to tell you but you’re wrong. Also ladies if you think that every man is going to respect you you’re also wrong. On that note if you’re not a mature person this might not be the site for you.

I’m not a company man and to be honest if there was better out there I would tell people. I’ve used every single big name dating website and to date the best results I’ve received is Adult Friend Finder. Yes this includes sites like Match, Okcupid, POF I’ve tried them all and what I find when I use those sites are people with unreal expectations I’m more of straight forward person that’s what serves me.

I want to again make it clear that my success won’t reflect your success I know most of you reading this are very nice people but we’re all different. If internet dating is not for you don’t be scared to go to local pubs, night clubs are bars get out be social what I find is I have a lot better success when I mix it up meaning I hit the night club scene and I use internet dating plus when I do this I have more pictures and stories to tell! Okay I wrote more than I planed to on this post what ever you decide I wish you all the best.

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