review Is It a Scam?

Sites like catch users in ways they won’t expect like SMS messaging be VERY careful when using a “sex dating” site like this is what I like to call the scum of scum. I highly recommend reading their terms and furthermore I highly advise anyone reading this NOT to sign up with these scum bags. To start is NOT Free secondly I wouldn’t add my cell phone number to this site if I were you. Thirdly I would not fall for their B.S FREE trial offers.

Personal thoughts regarding

I would avoid this site there are plenty of them around the net and reviews for all of them have been terrible, the women on this site as most of you already know are either linked to cam models or they’re just flat out fake paid women trying to get you to spend money. This site is what I like to call recycled trash that’s already been tried before scams like this don’t last long which is why already there are plenty of derivatives examples include,, and if you want to get my advice STAY AWAY

Final thoughts regarding

I’m not one to tell someone what to do with their cash but I would avoid this site their female members are clearly fake and unsuspecting males are the ones wasting money one this site which is why they’re keep rehashing this same scam over and over again. I don’t think is legit however if you want to sign up don’t let me stop you.

Dating websites like and Adult friend Finder which is a sex and swingers site have been online since the late 1990’s so it’s understandable how and why they have over 100 million members. I can only speak for myself when I say to my readers that Adult friend Finder works for me connections and hook ups happen there. Since Adult friend Finder was sold to Penthouse every porn company has wanted in on sex dating but they’re ruining it if you ask me.

In the past if you were smart Adult friend Finder was the best place to be now I think because most people guys mainly don’t understand how things work so they join fuck up shit for everyone. Adult friend Finder has always been the best sex dating site so if you want to know where to go that’s the website.

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