FuckBook.com Review Is It a Scam?

As many of you know I’m not big on dating websites that aren’t transparent, I don’t like a few things about FuckBook.com, but just because I don’t like some things about Fuckbook.com it doesn’t make it a scam. Based on my reviews FuckBookis indeed legit, not among one of my recommended adult dating websites as I find their features to be a bit primitive to what I’m used too. Also and this could be their lack of members, their community isn’t as vibrant as I’d like and I’ll touch more on this a bit later. For now it’s important for me to tell users where Fuck Book is located, you can see this information below:

Cargo Media AG, Zentrum Staldenbach 2, 8808 Pfäffikon SZ, Switzerland

FuckBook.com Terms Of Use

Prior to joining FuckBook.com I think it a good idea to consider reading their “Icebreaker Messages and Actions.” prior to joining, it’s in their terms it will give you a better break down of how FuckBook.com which can also be found at FuckBook.tv works. Because the adult dating industry is so competitive there are several adult dating companies that use different innovations to keep their members entertained. There’s nothing wrong with this in my opinion but you should consider checking it out prior to joining.

Personally based on my reviews the services offered at FuckBook pale in comparison to a live webcam sex chat service like  Live Jasmin where based on my reviews you’d be better served as far as entertainment goes and I say this because the  Live Jasmin platform is geared more towards the interactive experience, because the commonalities I get from the more smaller populated sex dating services is that members are kind of bored, which is why a lot of services like FuckBook.com typically associate themselves with live webcam sex chat services.

Final thoughts regarding FuckBook.com

when FuckBook.com came to my attention and I thank my subscribers for this, I thought I had written about it already, well I didn’t I always try to be fair when I write my reviews. So based on my review as of May 2018 FuckBook.com is not a scam and is legit. With that said I have to add that I’m not recommending them at this time. There is value at FuckBook.com but I have to add that they’re not that old, so they have a lot of growing to do. If you don’t mind joining a newer sex dating service give them a try. I’m not recommending them at this time any questions or concerns you have regarding them should be directed toward their staff directly.

when it comes to adult dating as many of you know my stance has been clear and consistent, when better arrives I will recommend better but currently the best adult dating website based on my reviews still remains Adult Friend Finder. I say what I’m I’m about to write a lot to people Adult Friend Finder has been online since 1996 and one of the reasons it’s survived so long is because of its origins. Adult Friend Finder started out as a swingers dating website, there’s a lot I can write about Adult Friend Finder but it’s best I don’t because I don’t want to get myself in any trouble. A dating service doesn’t remain on top for so long for no reason.

It’s important to understand that unlike most of these other dating websites located outside of the United States that made their dating websites with the idea to make a quick buck Adult Friend Finder was created to satisfy market demands in a region known for swingers. Try to remember people that Adult Friend Finder is American owned and it’s beginnings start at the San Fernando Valley, sme of you may not understand this but this region is known for a few things that has contributed to the success of their services.

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