Review Is It a scam?

Although not one of my favorite networks it would be unfair for me to call a scam. They are legit however what I will say to someone thinking of joining is Get an affair is part of Alcuda Limited which is company I’m not a fan of. One conversation I won’t get dragged into however is the one where guys complain and this is usually a male complaint where men say things like all these women we’re talking to me before I upgraded and then once I upgraded all the girls vanished so this is a scam.

I won’t get into that argument because people have the right to do whatever they want and to be fair this kind of behavior happens in all dating websites this behavior happens in chatting sites as well I would be lying to you if I said this never happened to me. This has happened to me and when it did happen I was upset however I have also done the same to other people if someone says something I don’t like Ignore or block them. I have a right to this so I won’t get dragged into that argument.

Personal thoughts on

I’ve joined a lot of dating sites adult and standard and what I will say is I’m not a fan of Alcuda Limited some people might claim to have success using it I’m not one of them and I’ve voiced my displeasure with them in more than one instance. I’m of the opinion that live adult web cam chat community like Live Jasmin is better than because I feel I will get more out of Live Jasmin than I will get out of joining That’s my opinion you can have yours!

Final thoughts on

I have no ill will towards Getanaffair however I won’t be recommending them to anyone at this time that being said don’t allow my personal views to stop you from giving them a try. If you’re interested sign up and review them for yourself and leave your reviews where other honest people will read them. Wish you all the best have fun and take care.


My personal favorite adult dating company I’ve used since 1999 and even I’ll admit the site was a lot better than because there was less competition and back then it was easy to tell the good from the not so good. That being said I must add my disclaimer to the post and tell users that everyone won’t have the same success as me. Adult friend Finder from my standpoint is the best adult dating website online and the proof is in how long it’s been online and also the valuation it got. If you’re wonder why so many companies are getting into adult dating all of sudden it’s because of the amount of money Adult friend Finder was valued at.

I don’t write give out any tips or secrets to online dating all I do is I write from my perspective so if internet dating is working for you stop doing it. There are lots of ways to meet people I recommend exercising all of your options.

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