Is a Scam?

I want to start of this post talking about Alexa rank. Alexa is an owned by Amazon and what it does is it measures the amount of traffic a website is getting. If you type in Alexa you’ll notice that Get flirting doesn’t receive that much traffic add this to the fact that is a part of the justhookup/rudefinder network and you’ll learn why I don’t recommend anyone join this site. I’ve written about rudefinder and justhookup already so I’m not going to waste my energy saying the same things over and over again.

Why I think you should avoid

The bottom line is this; if you want to meet people you have to go to dating sites where there are a lot of people, not only this but you have to go to dating website where there are just as many male members as there are female members. If you look at the Get flirting website in 2012 you’ll notice that they’re only trying to target male members good adult dating sites don’t do this. Good dating sites target both sexes which in turn keeps members subscribing longer.

Final thoughts on Get Flirting

Personally I would avoid signing up for it’s population is small and it’s probably filled to capacity with men which is only a good thing if you’re gay. If you’re looking for a legit adult swingers dating site in my personal opinion Adult Friend Finder as it stands to day provides the best options for both male and female members. What separates Adult Friend Finder from its competition in my personal opinion is their successful marketing team which targets every adult niche market with specific websites for specific people.

Example the Adult Friend Finder marketing team has a site where they just recruit lesbian daters, they have a website where they just market Indian Women, they have a PG dating website where they recruit the same types of daters you’ll find on, they have a site where they cater to women with fetishes Adult Friend Finder also advertises on adult tube sites to bring in male members their system is set up in way that keeps the male to female ratio equal.

If you join Adult Friend Finder are you guaranteed to get laid? No there’s no dating site that can guarantee you that but what Adult Friend Finder provides is a higher probability that you will meet someone. One last thing I have to point out is don’t sign up for Adult Friend Finder and do nothing. Ask yourself when has doing nothing gotten you any results that’s not how online dating  works be active and talk to as many people as you can do not sign up waste your money and not talk to anyone. I’ve been an on again off again member of Adult Friend Finder for years and Adult Friend Finder has been online more than 12 years I know it works and if you actually give it a try you’ll see what I mean. One last thing I want to add is if you live in a small town try to widen search to the nearest large major city for better results.

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