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When going this route it’s important to understand that most of these mail order bride sites are spin offs of other sites, something else to consider and I’m telling you this from experience here is the quality from both the women and the agencies. The most important thing to remember when using a mail order bride site is the trips. I do not recommend using any mail order bride site unless you plan on visiting a woman.

If you we’re to visit other sites you’ll notice a common theme among users of them complaining about the letters they receive from women. This should be common sense most of the women on these sites are either sending or receiving hundreds of letters per week. If you’re main objective is not to go visit Russia, the Philippines or Latin America to actually meet women I question your motives on or any mail order bride site.

Why I won’t be using Global ladies

I’ve used three of mail order brides sites total and common theme among the ones I don’t recommend is that they don’t make going to actually visit the women a point of emphasis. Like I said above even if your goal is not to see your Russian bride right away it still should be in the back of your mind and that should be the reason the website is there in the first place. The reason some mail order bride sites don’t emphasize visiting your potential bride is because their quality of service in this area is either nonexistent or they use a third party to handle this area for them. In reality what this means to you the customer is HIGHER fees even unnecessary fees.

Final thoughts on

I’ve been hearing and reading a lot negative feedback from people that have used so of it sounds warranted others sound like it’s the fault of the customer either way after going through the website I can clearly see why it’s not for me, first of all the quality of women on their website are poor compared to the ones found on foreign affair, plus there sign up process is very suspect to me I just don’t trust this site, unlike foreign affair there’s no visible videos of upcoming trips I can’t seem to find any video testimonials of men on their trips this not how i’m used to seeing a professional mail order bride service operate.

On the foreign affair site you can actual find clips of me when I went on foreign affair Columbia trip and what got me there in the first place was seeing other men enjoying themselves there. I don’t recommend using but don’t let me stop you from using it. If you want to see what my favorite foreign dating website looks like you consider clicking the link below and signing up, find the time to actually watch the video’s or watch the live radio show. Foreign affair shows you the exact reason why men my age prefer foreign brides.

Click here for the Foreign Affair website

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