Hookupbbw.com Review Is It a Scam?

I’ve always found sites about big beautiful women to be a bit strange reason being is because I don’t understand the need to only promote the women. If you go to Hookup BBW you only see pictures of women and which tells me that they’re only targeting male users. I find this a bit weird because there are a lot of BBW’s in adult dating period however they’re not as publicized which I guess could be the reason for sites like Hookupbbw.com.

Personal thoughts on Hookupbbw.com

I’m pretty neutral on this site I personally wouldn’t sign up for this site but I can understand why someone would sign up for Hookupbbw.com. It’s catering to a particular crowd I personally don’t like adult dating websites that look like they’re targeting men specifically because from my past experiences those sites usually wind being scams however in this instance I will leave that to the user.

Final thoughts on Hookupbbw.com

I’m not recommending Hookupbbw.com to anyone at this time that being said don’t let personal thoughts stop you from giving them a try any questions or concerns you have regarding Hookup BBW should be addressed to them directly. I highly recommend reading their terms and conditions before signing up with them I know at first glance it might it look like a reading but it believe me that it helps when read the terms before handing over your money. If you sign up with Hookupbbw.com I wish you all the best!

Presently the only adult dating website I’m recommending is Adult Friend Finder. I only recommend Adult Friend Finder based on personal experience I’ve had a lot of success using Adult Friend Finder which I have to point out is a swingers site. If you look at most adult dating websites you’ll notice that they’re trying to push a sex theme on people Adult Friend Finder was actually created for couples but people kept joining and now Adult Friend Finder has over 40 million people world wide. I should also point out that Adult Friend Finder has been online for more than a decade now and most of these new adult dating websites are copying Adult Friend Finder. I’ve tried almost every adult dating website and Adult Friend Finder is the only one that has given me continued success.

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