HornyFriends.com Review Is It a Scam?

Thee unfortunate thing about HornyFriends.com is that I’m only learning about them via a spam email message that was sent to me, however with that said and in the interest of fairness the network that’s backing them as of April 2018 is legit. So based on my reviews HornyFriends is not a scam, but because of how they were brought to my attention I’m not going to go on record and call Horny Friends legit either.

Personal thoughts regarding HornyFriends.com

For those of you that are rather new to this industry, HornyFriends.com is a live webcam sex service. This industry pretty much evolved out of the phone sex industry. I’m probably a lot older than most of my readers so what I’ll say to you is that prior to the internet there where live sex phone operators well HornyFriends.com is basically the evolution of that. With that said HornyFriends is not the best company online today in this regard.

Based on my reviews Live Jasmin provides a far superior service. Also when you join Live Jasmin you’ll notice how larger their talent pool and membership options are. I rank Live Jasmin as my number one option in this department for a reason and understand that I’ve tried them all. Part of the reason I was immediately aware of the company that HornyFriends is a part of is because I’ve been testing all these services for years now. Again best on my reviews nothing even comes remotely close to Live Jasmin when you go feature for feature.

Final thoughts regarding HornyFriends.com

I don’t write these posts to tell people what to do with their time or their money allow me to make that clear. I write these posts for information purposes as many of you know I was scammed really bad, I know how it feels, however what i don’t want are the scammers to win. I also don’t want the government regulating the hell out of the internet, what we don’t need is what they have over there in China where the government has a kill switch and can decide what people can and can not see. I believe in freedom, with that said although I don’t like being spammed, I wouldn’t call HornyFriends.com a scam, with that said I’m not calling them legit either based on my reviews. Any questions or concerns you have should be sent to their people directly.

If you’re looking for an adult dating website, which I get a lot of questions about from people using live webcam services what I’ll say is Adult Friend Finder a long time ago did what every adult dating website has been trying to mimic for years now. Adult Friend Finder which started of as a swingers dating website added entertainment components to online dating service, which has proven to be one of their greatest achievements which has lead to their long term success.

Adult Friend Finder unlike most of these other adult based dating networks is best in America. there are certain things American companies understand about Americans that foreign companies don’t. It’s one of the reasons why I tell people all the time yes Adult Friend Finder is not perfect but it works. At the very least they’re legit, all legit dating websites have problems but at least their not like those foreign owned scumbag sites, that send you spam email messages and intentionally try and scam you.

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