I’m 19 and my wife is 72!

There’s a myth that says women and men don’t share similar desires, it’s cute when one sex does something but taboo when another does the same thing. Consider reading this and really give it some thought, before you allow control freaks to push you into believing that there is only one way to live your life.

A 72-YEAR-OLD grandmother remains happily married to her 19-year-old husband despite their 53-year age gap. In the summer of 2016, Almeda never expected to find love with teenager, Gary Hardwick, during an outing at a pizza restaurant. But after just two weeks of dating, they took their whirlwind romance to the next level when Gary popped the question and they decided to get married. After just coming out of an unhappy relationship with a 77-year-old, Gary claims it was love at first sight when he locked eyes with the grandmother of six – one of whom is older than Gary. But even now, the couple who live in Maryville, Tennessee, are still happier than ever.

One of the reasons I don’t pledge my allegiance to any political party is because a while back the Democrats were the political party that sounded like they were for freedom, now it appears the republican party has somehow taken the lead on that concept. Women are getting more economic power and as women continue to gain on men economically, their behaviors are starting to look more and more like the men of old. When an older male dates a younger female, the media spin is usually she’s dating him for money, but when an older women dates a younger male the media spin is oh that’s so cute.

One of the reasons the public education system is dominated by females now is because the media would often accuse older male teachers of luring young females into having sexual relations with them. Well the same thing seems to be happening with female teachers except when the female teachers do it, the populace has been taught to think that it’s not that big a deal or that the student is lucky to have a female teacher taking advantage of him sexually.

Why this is, is because for the most part we’re being force fed narratives by people who have personal objectives. We’ve been taught that there are only a handful of ways to explain human behaviors, we’ve been taught that options don’t change perspectives. The reality is capitalism unleashes the truth in the human spirit that if I’m free to do something why can’t I and who are you to stop me. So what appears to be happening in culture as a whole as women become economically independent is the question of who is creating these cultures is starting to be put into question.

Why shouldn’t an adult male or female be free to be with anyone they choose, without mainstream media scrutiny? Even if you as an individual have a problem with it who are you to judge? How do you know that both people involved in this relationship aren’t gaining something? What gives any mainstream platform the right to dictate how anyone lives their life, why should any mainstream media outlet have a bias in anyway outside of the legal framework of the country it’s situated in.

One of my frequent topics of discussion is international dating, people have been conditioned to believe that the younger or the person living in the poorer country is somehow a victim in all of this. Someone the younger person isn’t gaining something from this transaction. Hello! there’s a good chance that the younger person is going to outlive the older person. Plus there’s a good chance the younger person will learn a lot, raise their standard of living, possibly learn a lot more, and be able to provide a better standard of living for their offspring. All of this in exchange for dating an older more established person that by default is going to give them knowledge. There is no victim in this arrangement only a trade off.

The trade of with 19 year old with a 72 year old wife is that he may not have to work as hard as most 19 year olds his age, he will be able to gain experience in areas other men won’t have access too, yes I’m intentionally ignoring the love portion in all of this to illustrate my point that in life there are only trade offs and I wish the media would spend more time being neutral and explaining to people that there exists no such thing as equality only trade offs, in any bartered situation both parties can win as long as the specifics of the deal are known by the 2 trading parties. Trade offs are subjective and as long as the contract is legal, no real media outlet should engage to bias coverage of any topic.

Males interested in dating internationally may want to consider trying Foreign affair, because of theme of this post I have to point out that not every male or female using the Foreign affair is looking for a younger lover, however Foreign affair doesn’t make the topic a taboo topic the way other dating platforms will. Instead Foreign affair is about escaping societal norms and expanding your love horizons, because if you really think about most men and women are conditioned to think that they have to find love in their country of origin. This is actually a learned behavior that’s used to control you.

Humans have always been nomadic, the norms we live by are in many ways traditions passed onto us, these traditions for the most part are kept alive by ruling classes. What’s wrong with a person finding love? Suppose I like women who classify themselves as BBW’s? Who are you to say that I should date skinny women because they’re healthier, maybe I like BBW’s. Well this 72 year old women is in love with a 19 year old man, he’s legal age, they’re not breaking any laws let them be who they are. I often write about Foreign affair because I know there are a lot of men out there that have put limitations on the types of women they date.

I’m a fan of women liberating themselves, I’m a fan of human liberation and the truth is it’s a lot easier for a woman to find a man than it is for a man to find a woman. The only reason in a free society people think otherwise is because they’ve been conditioned to think this way. It’s illegal and rightfully so for men to rape women. With that said it means women hold all the cards, especially if cultural limits are put on men for who they can or can not date.

In most instances men don’t date internationally because of the stigma attached to it, what this means is that the man is not liberated, he’s not free to do what he wants, he’s restricted based limits others gave him. Often times at the Foreign affair romance tours the women outnumber the men. Now it’s not to say that these women can’t find love locally, no it’s because they believe they can do better. Being that there’s an option for them to do better they take advantage of it. It’s a trade off.

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