LetMeDate.com Review Is It a Scam?

I won’t take too much time on this topic, because based on my reviews LetMeDate.com isn’t a dating website, it appears to be an APP that is recommending different dating websites, some of which I consider to be scams.

I was unable to see any dating website that LetMeDate that even made my top 5 list. Based on my reviews LetMeDate is neither legit or a scam, I wouldn’t really trust their recommendations, because it doesn’t appear that they actually use the services they’re recommending.

As an example when I write that I have positive experiences with Foreign Affair which is an international dating website, my positive reviews of  Foreign Affair come from me actually using their services I still recommend  Foreign Affair to this day because they make good on their commitments.

Also for men especially I often say that if you’re having trouble with the domestic dating scene, don’t look down on international dating because trying  Foreign Affair will be a  positive life-altering experience, especially for your confidence as a man.

I often stay off the topic of traditional dating websites and dating APP’s because I don’t use any of them. The only domestic dating website I use is Adult Friend Finder which began as a Swingers dating website/APP but over the years has evolved into an adult dating website and adult experience.

I’ve frequently wrote a lot of positives about Adult Friend Finder based on my personal experiences, again I’m not really into the traditional dating websites, I’ve never been, when most people zig I zag and that’s just the authentic me, so in that regard I don’t see any benefit in joining any of the traditional dating websites LetMeDate.com is recommending.

I even noticed that LetMeDate.com is promoting flirt dating APP’s which I consider to be a complete waste of time when Live Jasmin exists. Why guess if a picture of a person is real or fake when you can join a live webcam sex chat service like Live Jasmin?

It makes absolutely no sense to me, so just a fair warning about Flirting or erotic dating APP’s which have fake members. At the very least when you join Live Jasmin you’ll know who you’re chatting with.

You can trust the LetMeDate.com website if you want to, but, I won’t be recommending them at this time!

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