Review Is It a Scam?

I’m not big on I don’t like their setup I think they’re actually one of the most expensive adult cam sites online and I also don’t think the models offer any more than the other cam sites. The truth of the matter is some people like their jobs and some people don’t some women give it 110% other women go in half ass; to be honest I don’t find many of the cam girls that cute are there some cute women there? Yes but majority of them are average at best.

My personal thoughts on

You can chat on this site without giving these people your email address after you give these people your email address you’ll start to also notice that all the models will basically want you to go private and what bothers me the most is that the models have a lot more control than the potential paying customer does. If I didn’t know there was better out there I might like but being that I’m no stranger to how this industry works currently is on my do not join list.

Final thoughts on

Like I say on almost every post it’s your money do what you want with it. is not that expensive so if they have what you’re looking for join. Personally I think they’re expensive and I also don’t like the fact that I can’t talk to a model without entering my name and email address sites like Live Jasmine give you chance to talk to a model for free and in reality this benefits both the model and the customer because if the customer is interested more than likely he or she will come back.

Typically and I know this from experience most of the people that use cam sites also like using adult dating sites, all good adult dating sites have adult chat in fact most women that become cam models start off in places like Adult Friend Finder. Adult dating is not what most people thinking it is the problem most guys run into is that they don’t stick around or participate enough to figure out how this stuff really works.

Many adult cam models have men that work with them and what most guys never figure out is that many of these women are looking for some kind guidance sites like Adult Friend Finder are perfect for men who like to get involved with adult models Adult Friend Finder has over 40 million members worldwide do not allow that number to just fly over your head 40 million members means there is a lot of activity at this site if you’re interested in adult dating consider Adult Friend Finder

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