Review Is It a Scam

Live Jasmin as it stands today is the largest video chat community online and is not a scam by any means. Try and wrap your mind around that for a minute; largest video chat community in the WORLD, the main reason why is number one is because it has and continues to recruit some of the most beautiful women on the internet. If you we’re to visit Live Jasmin right now without even owning a credit card you might actually be able to see a few hundred beautiful naked women live on chat. Yes I know not all the women there are as beautiful as you want them to be but hey I’ll take watching naked women performing live for me any day of the week.

I like LiveJasmin but not as much as actually getting laid

I’ve used live I’ve gone private but my most memorable moment with Live Jasmin was when I used it to get a woman I was talking to at the time in the mood,  if you ever get the chance to meet an open minded woman I highly recommend that try this. For whatever reason or maybe it’s just me but whenever I have two beautiful women around me it’s like a competition among the two of them to get my attention, this is honestly the most fun I’ve had with Live Jasmin. Anyway too the story

The Live Jasmin Cam women who was a very sexy Latina was riding a dildo while me and the woman I was with just watched her; this was Live on and for whatever reason the girl I was with got really turned on by all of this she wanted to do what the girl was doing except she wanted to do it to me, I hadn’t even banged the girl until that night and too be honest until I ask her if she wanted try this I had perceived her to be rather conservative especially with her religious upbringing but you know the old saying about women who grew up with strict parents being the biggest harlots.

Anyway that was my best experience with Live Jasmin apart from that I’m not a huge fan of Live Jasmin because If I’m going to pay for anything I’d prefer to be able to at least touch the person.

The largest swingers dating site online

LiveJasmin is completely legit and is not a scam by any means but to me I’ve always thought it to be a much better experience to actually get laid from chatting to a woman online rather than just chatting and paying a girl to help me jerk off. That’s why to this day I still use the largest swingers dating site online called Adult friend Finder. I’ve had debates with people on why more people prefer live chat rather than dating websites and what I concluded was that paying to chat to women was a lot easier to do than actually going through the whole process of dating a woman.

If this is the type of person you are Live Jasmin is your best bet but if you’re interested in actually getting laid you might want to consider joining a swinger’s site like Adult friend Finder. When joining a swinger’s site it’s important to understand two major things 1st thing is that you have to be yourself and not only that but you have to make the women on the other end trust you. The second thing is you have to contact as much women as possible with a message that screams check me out I’m worth it.

There are people all over the internet trying to sell magic elixirs or special formulas on how to do this but the truth is all you need to do is be interesting. Example the other day while using Adult friend Finder I sent a message that said “You’re not as pretty as I’d like you to be but my Jank is 10 Inches tall”. As dumb as that message sounds I received 3 replies out 10 messages sent. Messages like that stir emotions have you ever received a spam email before and even though you knew it was a scam you still checked it out. The reason you checked it out was because the spammer sent you a message that made you curious.

Getting laid from an dating website

In my personal opinion nothing is better than getting laid from a girl you met online, I mean think about it you type a few words in a computer and in a few weeks, days, hours or minutes later you’re banging the day lights out of some sweet hot ass. If you’re joining a dating website join the LARGEST one Adult friend Finder for the past 14 years has been the largest dating website. The one thing you have to understand about Adult friend Finder however is that you have test it out for a few month’s don’t be one of those people who sign up for one day and then convince themselves that this doesn’t work. It does work thousands of us have been using it for years.

Where do you think curious women go to the most? Skeptical women use sites like match serious women use Adult friend Finder the problem most guys face at adult friend finder when they start is the fact that they’re not serious. These women can get laid anytime they want but they’re looking for the RIGHT guy, if you’re shy or timid it’s hard for you to understand what I’m saying but if you’re a go-getter Adult friend Finder makes sense on a thousand different levels

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