Longinexx.com Review is it a scam

Before i get into this i have to explain to anyone reading this that although people have a lot of respect for Ron Jeremy as a adult performer its not a good idea to trust him when it comes  to penis enlargement products, don’t forget most male adult performers are under paid. I personally don’t like people telling me what to do so what i’ll say to you is do your research first. Don’t buy something just because some famous celebrity endorses it. Many times celebrities don’t even know they are being used to sell or promote these supplements.

sexpillguru.com quick review

Another thing i want to point out is the sex pill guru website I have this strange feeling this type of website is going to pop up in multiple locations with different names and possibly have different appearances. My reason for thinking this is because of how Ron Jeremy is speaking. If you pay close attention when you are on the Sex Pill Guru website that Ron Jeremy never actually mentions the sell pill guru website name. Ron Jeremy does say “welcome to my website” but he never actually says Sex pill guru or sexpillguru.com. So i have this strange feeling that these sexpillguru websites might stop popping up all over the internet. Another thing is if you visit www.ronjeremy.com there’s no mention of SexPillGuru.com anywhere. His facebook and myspace pages also do not have any mention of sexpillguru.com but that i can understand.

Longinexx Reviewed

First thing i want to tell any men out there willing to listen is that this rumor that penis enhancement pills by themselves will enhance your penis size is a nothing more than a lie. The idea in itself goes back to Vigara. An increase in sexual activity can temporarily grow your penis size the keyword being “temporarily” and there is no real reports of this temporary growth reaching 35%. Your penis might get 35% bigger temporarily while you’re having an erection but those results are not permanent as all men should know.

When viewing this websites I recommend you pay close attention to their word play.

On the Longinexx website under their FAQ http://www.longinexx.com/faq.html section when asked “How big can I really get?”

it states the following


“Depending upon your age and the current condition of your penis determines how much bigger you can get. It is difficult to give an exact number. But we can say with 100% certainty that you will get bigger – no question.”

it goes onto say…

The only variable is how much bigger. Some men report a 35% change, while other only notice a 10% change. Regardless, of how much bigger you get, there is no other system, oral medication, or supplement that you can take, that will make you bigger. After taking Longinexx the size of your penis is the biggest it’s ever going to be, without going under the knife for surgery. Don’t worry; you will get bigger with Longinexx.


I can see the fancy word play can you? I am not here to convince those of you sold on the magic penis enlarger pill idea but those of you who can think and analyze things for yourself should clearly see what i am talking about here.

Is Longinexx.com a Scam

Is Longinexx.com a scam. I personally don’t think it is a scam. they have a money back guarantee i contacted them at the time i contacted them they were very professional . In their terms and conditions they give a person 60 days to try their products and return it if they are not satisfied. Unless i start hearing complaints from people i can not and will not call Longinexx a scam. I just don’t think its a product you should buy if you want to permanently grow your penis. As a success story myself i’ve researched and tried many avenues to grow my penis i went to herbal stores and talked to doctors although i am not a professional in this area i have been taught and learned from medical professionals who specialize in this trade.

Longinexx Ingriedients

Where are they? this information should be on the front page of the Longinexx website. I want to remind anyone reading this that you are talking abut your penis. There is no health approval seal on the Longinexx website i personally would not take such a risk with my penis but don’t let my opinion stop you from trying it

My final thoughts on Longinexx

I personally would avoid taking the pill supplement penis enlarger route altogether i know it may sound like the easy route but from what i know this often the most disappointing, time consuming and most expensive route long term, on that note if you want to try Longinexx go ahead just don’t say i didn’t warn you.

Proven Method to Growing you Penis

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Permanent Penis Enlargement

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