Review Is It a Scam? is a site that has features that I personally do not like and it’s also important to note that the name Married but Lonely from my perspective is implying that is a swingers dating site. The problem I have with site being a swinger’s site is the fact that only seems to be targeting male members. If a dating site is only looking for male members where will it get it’s female members from?

Personal thoughts on

If you visit in April of 2012 you’ll notice that there are only beautiful female members on the site, if there are only females being displayed on this site then more than likely females won’t be joining, only males will join this is why personally I wouldn’t join Considering that is new I find it odd that it’s Alexa ranking is already experiencing volatility usually when a new dating site that’s being heavily promoted pops up in Alexa rank typically shoots up and then comes down after a few months.

Final thoughts on currently has a free trial. Personally I don’t like using free trials and I advise the reader to make sure they read the terms and conditions associated with the free trial before committing to Personally I would avoid using, that being said don’t let my personal views stop you from giving them a try. Being that is swingers dating site in my opinion I think if you want to go this road it would be a much better idea to join the swingers network with over 40 million registered users worldwide.

Adult Friend Finder is a much more established swingers dating site and the fact still remains that although Adult Friend Finder is not for everyone its continued to grow since 1999 in fact in 2011 Adult Friend Finder had 35 million members and in April 2012 Adult Friend Finder has already reached 40 million members. The reason for this is because not only is Adult Friend Finder a swingers and dating network it’s also entertaining the people there are entertaining had it not been Adult Friend Finder I wouldn’t have known some of the people I know today.

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