Review Is It a Scam?

I became aware of in mid December 2012 and what I found interesting about this site was how new it was and how many members it claimed to have. One other thing I would like to mention about Mates mingle is using their service before you sign up with them I highly recommend that you read their terms and conditions. If you’re going to sign up to their 3 day trial I advise you read of the terms and conditions before entering your credit card. terms and conditions

Look I don’t consider myself a cheap guy but one thing I will say is I’m not willing to pay a dating website especially a new dating website $99 for 45 days there is no way I’m willing to pay that much especially with a new unproven dating website. Below is billing I initially was going to give them a try but after looking at their prices there is no way in hell I will try them. Their terms can be found by going to or by clicking terms in the fine print on their order page. Below is a small sample of their terms this portion can be read in it’s entirety by going to “2. MEMBERSHIP AND SUBSCRIPTION; PRICING”

Upgraded memberships are $1.99 for a 3 day trial to sample the service. You may cancel anytime within these 3 days and will not be charged any additional amount. After the 3 days, if you do not cancel, you will be enrolled in a recurring membership of 45 days billed at $99.00. Existing memberships are kept at the original signup rate at the time of subscription. Depending on the promotion offered and plan selected at the time of signup this amount and time may differ. This will be a recurring charge until canceled.

Final thoughts about

Look I’m not here to tell people what to do with their money if you has something you like or something you want give them a try. I’m not going to cal them legit nor will I call them a scam what I will say is I find them to be expensive and being that I just heard about them It’s hard for me to believe they have as many active members as the claim. That being said if you review what they have to offer and you like what you see give them a try I wish you all the best.

I wouldn’t put in the category of adult dating websites however it does have some features that remind me of an adult dating website. At the moment my favorite adult dating website is Adult Friend Finder reason being it’s given me the most success it has over 40 million members and the cost to join is a lot less than on top of that Adult Friend Finder has many different payment options. Legit dating websites typically have a bunch of payment options because they’re more concerned with getting you to sign up rather than getting you on some re-occurring bill payment. I only recommend dating websites that I’ve had success with and at the moment as far as adult dating goes this is the best one in my opinion.

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