Is a Scam?

Anyone not aware is part of the Fling network which in my opinion at the moment anyway is the second best adult swingers dating network online. I’m a past member of the Fling network I’ve tried it my experience with them wasn’t a good one but I can’t say it was bad one either. I met one girl who lied about who she was and what she looked like and when I saw her I did not want to go out in public with her. My experience with Fling is there is way too many fake profiles there, that being said one thing I will admit about Fling is their marketing team is doing pretty good job promoting their brand.


If you follow my posts you’ll often notice that I primarily write about the marketing components of dating website well is used as Flings subtle adult dating brand which in my opinion is a smart idea in terms of Fling the problem with doing it this way however is that you get too many males signing up and not enough females. Example when I went today March 2012 all I see are female members on their front page, what this equates too is too many males joining and not enough females joining this is why Flings network consists mostly of Male members. Don’t get me wrong is good idea to bring people into the network but it’s still only targeting the male demographic.

Final thoughts on

Personally I would avoid and the Fling network until they bring in more female members yes they’re one of the largest swingers dating networks but from my personal experience as a paying member there were way too many male members on the Fling network and it’s probably a better idea to avoid it for now. As it stands today the Adult Friend Finder network is still the best. Like I say in almost all my forum posts Adult Friend Finder doesn’t guarantee you’ll meet someone but it provides a very good opportunity too.

Above you heard me mentioning marketing well that’s what Adult Friend Finder does best. A site like is flings way to recruit younger males into their system, we’ll Adult Friend Finder has many sites that bring young, middle age and even senior female members into their system. That’s what separates Adult Friend Finder from its competition their ability to recruit female members from all over the world. Adult Friend Finder has been online since 1999 and boasts over 41 Million members worldwide, Adult Friend Finder is among the top 300 websites on Alexa and currently has a better reputation and bigger membership base than

Failure occurs at Adult Friend Finder when people sign up and do nothing, if you’re going to sign up don’t be one of those people. I’ve been using Adult Friend Finder for a while now so I probably have more experience in online dating than most of you but the key to online dating is simple “persistence”. Don’t be shy some of the people reading this get shy or insecure when they get into online dating they shy away if one women rejects their advances.

If this is you STOP doing that right now you’re behind a computer for God sakes grow some balls and talk to as many women as you can don’t be afraid to make mistakes if one girl or guy doesn’t like you forget about it and move on she/he doesn’t know what they’re missing. Use this attitude when using Adult Friend Finder and you’ll see why I’m such a huge fan.

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