Review Is It a Scam?

When it comes to sites like it’s not so much is this site a scam the better question to ask when it comes to this site is are these profiles real. To answer that question from my personal experience it seems that some profiles are real and majority are not. I’ve been using adult dating since 1999 and I have process that I do when I check out these adult dating sites and I had mixed results with Milfaholic.

Personal thoughts regarding

There are dating sites that are flat out scams from top to bottom then there are adult dating sites are bordering on being a scam and then there are the legit adult dating sites which get a bad rap because in majority the men don’t know how to talk to the women so when they get no results they bad mouth the site and call every adult dating site a scam. is not a dating website I would recommend however after doing my review I wouldn’t call them a scam either. Their terms and conditions are quite clear their support wasn’t the best but it was pretty good. I didn’t meet anyone real using this service and that’s where my personal skepticism comes into play because the strategies I use are uniformed and it works for me almost every time and in the case of it didn’t work.

Final thoughts regarding

After careful review I won’t call a scam but I also will not be recommending them to anyone. I also won’t call them legit either because I have yet to meet anyone using their service. If you want to sign up with them don’t let me stop you however based on my results I wouldn’t recommend them.

Adult dating is not what it used to be primarily because now that porn companies know the value of the industry scams have been popping up left right and center which in my opinion confuses people about the real from the fake. In recent years the only two sites that have worked for me are Adult friend Finder and Ashley Madison however I no longer use Ashley Madison because they’re way more expensive.

Adult friend Finder on the other saves me a lot more money and because of them I’ve made a lot of connections. I should add a disclaimer here that location could play a factor with adult dating. If you don’t live in a city with a lot of people you will want to expand your search. Also try to remember that real people can choose to respond or not to respond to your messages Adult friend Finder is not an escort service like some idiots seem to think, also if you’re not mature don’t bother signing up you’ll be wasting your time.

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