Review Is It a Scam?

It’s not really that difficult to see what you’re getting yourself into when you join My MySecretHookups. Based on my reviews I have a neutral stance on My Secret Hookups I don’t think they’re legit, but I’m not going to call them a scam either, basically this post will be used to give the reader the perspective necessary for he or sh to make a decision whether is social sex platform that they want to be a part of. So, at the bottom of their website it states the following: is a social sex platform for men and women who are looking for a fun, flirty or exciting adult contact. Every day, hundreds of new members sign up. Based on your profile settings, you will receive match suggestions. However, you can also use our search functionality and browse for profiles yourself. This is completely up to you. is designed for adult pleasure and entertainment. Profiles are partly fictional, physical arrangements with these profiles are not possible. We strongly advice you to read our Terms and Conditions before using our Service.

Let me point out that I’m writing this blog post as of March 2019, so if things change on the front of the website, understand the date in which this blog post was published. Terms and Conditions

If the above-highlighted paragraph was shocking to you, being that I write a lot of reviews and test a lot of adult-themed dating websites, let me be the first to see that I’ve seen far worse than, if you think they’re a scam, you should read some of the other dating websites I had to review. That aside, I’ll give you a brief rundown, starting an adult-themed dating website is hard, so what a lot of these dating websites do is they’ll sucker people into joining by using fake pictures and profiles and then what you’ll end up with is an overvalued live webcam sex chat service.

The aforementioned is why I often write favorably about Live Jasmin. Try to understand that I’m trying to save my readers time, I’m a free market guy so I don’t write about money, I hate talking about it, however, my time is precious which is why I’m trying to save yours. Although an argument can be made that is a bit deceptive the truth is they don’t call themselves a dating website. Instead, they use words like “REGISTER, GET UNLIMITED
or they refer to themselves as a social sex platform. So, the truth is all I can say about them to be fair is that I think Live Jasmin is a better option because I think they’re more transparent.

Final thoughts regarding

Again based on my reviews I don’t consider legit or a scam, based on my reviews I’d say I’m neutral, with that said however I won’t be recommending My Secret Hookups to anyone at this time. I don’t write these reviews to tell humans what to do with their time or their money, so if you want to sign up with don’t let me stop you. Any questions or concerns regarding MySecretHookups should be sent to their staff directly.

If you’re looking for a legit adult dating website, being, that this is the only adult dating website that I’m still a member of, my recommendation is Adult Friend Finder. A few things I always like to point out about Adult Friend Finder is that they’ve been online since 1996, should be noted also that they’re American owned., on the other hand, is owned by Graham Web Services B.V. and is located in The Netherlands (Zutphenseweg 51 7418 AH Deventer The Netherlands, Trade Register under file number CC: 69645973) let me point out there’s nothing wrong with living in The Netherlands, Amsterdam is the capital of The Netherlands and who doesn’t love Amsterdam.
I simply prefer a dating website that’s closer to home.

Lastly, let me point out that Adult Friend Finder began as a swingers dating website and evolved into what it is today based on the demand of the members. Now, I want to also add that the reason that some of the expected features don’t exist on Adult Friend Finder is because of the legal system. So, if you ever wonder why, they don’t have certain features it’s because it’s illegal, but they’ve done everything in their power to make their site fun.

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