Review is it a Scam?

To start I want to make it clear to the reader that is a part of the sexsearchcom network. I mention sexseachcom because was one of the first adult swinger dating site to start the whole the fake female profiles thing. Sexsearch was one of the first adult dating sites that would pay women to talk to guys and also automated the process by creating automated fake female bots that would contact men until those men would sign up. In many ways in my opinion sex search is responsible for a lot of the B.S now considered normal in the online adult dating industry.

Why I would not join if I were you

To stay on the topic of which is the network is a part of, they we’re at one time one of the fastest growing adult dating networks, of course most of the people who joined we’re men thinking they we’re going to get laid over night; however what this did is it spawned a whole new breed of online adult dating networks which mirrored what had done, which was to market only to men and to pay women and create bots that would contact male members as beautiful women which in turn would get a lot of men to sign up and waste their money for nothing. There we’re so many scam complaints for sex search within its first few months of creation that a lot of people just stop promoting them.

Final thoughts on

Personally I would avoid I’m telling from experience here that and their networks are not be trusted. If you read their terms and conditions found at and scroll down to 14 and read about their “Online Emissary™ Feature.” You’ll find the following:

14. Online Emissary™ Feature. may, at its discretion, cause or allow You to be contacted by one or more Online Emissaries as a part of’s Online Emissary™ feature.

14.1 An Online Emissary™ may be a real person, such as another Member, a digital actor, an avatar or a synthespian (e.g. a computer generated “person” or “character”). Online Emissaries may be employed by or a third party to enhance Your online experience. For example, an Online Emissary™ may provide an electronic introduction to new or existing features or functionality.


That being said I want you to also factor in that does not have a lot of real female members. In my opinion should be avoided. If you’re looking for an online adult dating network personally I would stick with Adult Friend Finder. Will Adult Friend Finder  guarantee that you will get laid? No, no dating site can guarantee this however Adult Friend Finder does provide you with the best opportunity to meet a real person. The Adult Friend Finder network has been online before 1999 which is when I was introduced that being said they’ve endured and to date still remain in class of their own.

In my opinion Adult Friend Finder is the site and all the other adult dating networks aspire to be. Unlike and most of the other adult dating networks Adult Friend Finder has both male and female members and also Adult Friend Finder does the best job recruiting both male and female members into their database. In a nutshell this is what seperates Adult Friend Finder from sites like Naughty Meetings.

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