Review Is It a Scam? is a site like the name says that caters to people over 40, at the moment in May 2012 it does not appear to be a scam that being said however it should be noted that is not according alexa as big as some of its online dating competition. What this might mean for you as a customer is that you might find it hard to find someone in your area because there aren’t currently that many people that frequent

Personal thoughts on is a part of the JDI Dating Ltd network, which is dating network that has been growing in numbers but still remains well behind some of its competition. That being said being that is a niche site that caters to specific group of people maybe you find that have more success with than you would a larger dating site. Personally I don’t think is a scam that being said I recommend reading their terms and conditions before deciding to sign up with them.

Final thoughts on

Personally I wouldn’t sign up for because I don’t like signing up for what I consider to be small online dating sites. That being said; don’t allow my personal thoughts to detour you from signing up for If you’re not having any success with consider giving Adult Friend Finder a try. For the record Adult Friend Finder does not just cater to people over 40 it also caters to swingers in fact Adult Friend Finder was initially only created for swingers but as Adult Friend Finder grew to now over 40 million members they’ve added in a lot of other features that members really enjoy.

Adult Friend Finder is not for everyone but considering what it offers it is very inexpensive. Most swingers networks are very expensive to join and still don’t deliver Adult Friend Finder has been delivering since 1999 and has continued to grow if you’re not having any success anywhere else I really think you should consider giving Adult Friend Finder a try. To date it’s been the best online dating site I’ve ever joined.

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