Review Is It a Scam?

Social networking sites like  are the exact reason why we have premium dating websites. As of 2013 from what I know has over 28 million members globally actually that number should be over 28 million email addresses because as we know in most instances especially when it comes to scams and spammers one person might create at least 2 accounts. All that said in the interest of fairness it should be noted that Netlog is free to join so it in itself is not a scam. Netlog makes it very easy to sign up and they also make it extremely easy to sign your friends up.

Personal thoughts regarding

It has been well documented that has a lot of Nigerian scams you can usually tell a Nigerian scammer by their bad English and their sad stories. Usually what these scammers will do is they’ll post fake pictures of either beautiful women or Army generals and try to lure in an unsuspecting Englishmen, or American. How they operate is they want to get your email address the reason they want your email address is because emails are more personal and also most people’s guards go down once their using emails. The bottom line with these scams is they want your money so the instant someone asks you for money discontinue communication with that person

Another thing the Nigerian scam artists will do is they’ll avoid video chat places like Skype. I like to remind people that before you meet or trust anyone online get them on video using Skype or Yahoo messenger if someone is who they say they are they’ll have no problem going on Skype and showing their face I always make it a habit of seeing a person on video before meeting them.

What I’m getting at here is Netlog is free and its global so keep your guard up if you’re going to use it. Personally I don’t like social networking sites I don’t even like Facebook so there is no way I would waste my time signing up Netlog.

Final thoughts regarding

Netlog itself is not a scam but many reviews on the net will tell you to watch out for Netlog scams. It’s a rampant problem at Netlog and scammers in most instances will hide their identity by using a Proxy Ip addresses this is the reason why sites like Netlog might be considered scams because the general conscience is why doesn’t Netlog just block all of West Africa? Well if it did that it wouldn’t be an international social media site! Review after review regarding Netlog talks about Nigerian scams and I could go on and on about but I’ll stop here and say yes it’s legit but I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone. Like many free services joining Netlog comes with a price so if you sign up be careful and DON’T SEND STRANGERS YOUR MONEY!!!



Personally I’ve learned to avoid free social media sites or free dating websites because when something is free even if the owners mean often times these free websites might cost you time and money. It’s reasons like this why I’ve stuck with adult dating and the site I like most is Adult Friend Finder. Women love Adult Friend Finder because they enjoy luxuries they don’t get in other dating websites and men love the site because they get to meet women who know what they want.

Adult Friend Finder was originally a swingers dating website but now it’s evolved into a sex and swingers site now obviously Adult Friend Finder isn’t for everyone but I mention them mainly because they have premium features that allow premium members to know who their talking too and where they’re from. You see it’s a lot harder to lie when you’re paying to join something. I remember in the past using free dating websites and talking to people just to find out that they have fake pictures or I find out their not even from my country.

To this day I still hate all the time I wasted using free dating and social media sites. Now using Adult Friend Finder does take a bit of maturity if you’re immature you might want to pass on this one. One last thing I must point out is Adult Friend Finder isn’t for everyone I’m an out going sexual being it’s who I am so I love Adult Friend Finder and all it’s features but if you’re reserved or immature Adult Friend Finder probably isn’t for you I’m just putting this out there thanks for stopping by.

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