The Number 1 Penis Enlargement Products

The number one penis enlargement product has to be judged by type, by safety, by dependability and by clinical test. Although most will argue that the product they are promoting is the best our Number Penis Enlargement Products are determined by safety results dependability and clinical test. In our rating we look out for the best interest of the customer and do not determine our results buy cost. When discussing the Number 1 penis enlargement product we must also discuss two types of penis enlargement products

The Number One Penis Enlargement Pills

If longer and harder erections are what you are looking for your best bet is to stay away from the underground market. Most of these underground products being sold in magazines and over the internet were not tested on real human beings and were not approved by the FDA and typically there is no evidence of them even working. In reality most of this penis enlargement supplements are nothing more than Placebo pills meaning they are Fake pills. Some will have funky scents some will have fancy colors but most are nothing more then Placebo’s recovered by great marketing.

These companies promise the customer everything and deliver nothing. These pills are also covered by their terms and conditions which usually states this but unsuspecting customers usually find this out when its too late. Maybe 5 month’s down the road after the company scammed them for hundreds or thousands of dollars. That being said if you are looking for pill to enhance the size of your penis or give you longer lasting harder erections its best to stick with Cialis or Viagra both these pills have gone through rigerous tests and results are expected as well as typical. Its best to consult  your doctor before taking them however

The Number One Permanent Penis Enlargement Product

The number one permanent penis enlargement product is a no brainer its the penis extender but when opting to take this route its essential to your success from our review that you get the all in one solution that will have both replacement parts as well as training and exercises so that you gain maximum results. Although the device in itself is clinically proven its best that you get the device that is both comfortable comes with a money back guarantee and also doesn’t suffocate your penis. Comfort and education is key when using this method.

Something else to consider is price, because this industry was mainly created to correct Peyronie’s disease which is a disease that makes the penis curve its essential that you choose the company that spent years perfecting the device to service men of all shapes and sizes. In this regard you want to stay away from companies who sell parts separately as this can cost a person upwards to a thousands dollars. Unlike the supplement industry this is not a multi billion dollar industry because of this some companies have surfaced creating parts and accessories that are really not necessary. For this reason we find Bath Mate to have the best Penis Extender. This is the only company that combines penis health exercises, video’s and tutorials along with their device typically men should see results of 1 – 3 Inches in a few short weeks

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