Review Is It a Scam?

I’m writing this post in response to a subscribers inquiry, if you were forwarded here it’s because I use this blog to make things easier. In regards to it doesn’t appear to be a scam in my view, it looks legit by my standards. What I will say is I don’t really see anything unique about except that they’re offering an ICO (Initial Coin Offering). If you’re unaware of what that it’s to do with cryptocurrency. Although I’m not sure if they’re going to be using bitcoin as their medium of exchange they’ll be using a cryptocurrency venture to get their start-up capital.

Personal thoughts regarding

I think there’s a lot of promise in the cryptocurrency and taking the unregulated approach to garnering investments for their venture. Will they be successful I’m not sure, the business structure of their concept isn’t that original, locally or nationally services similar to the one offered exist all over the world, however, to avoid the hassles Baxkpage is facing most similar ventures avoid going international, as to avoid breaking any laws.

Based on my business expertise they’re headed for an upward battle, especially if they start to garner support. The cryptocurrency model is smart and I agree that there are costs to doing any type of services based business. However, my views have always been this, is the world ready for you yet? The flaw in Backpage from my standpoint was that it was free, which unfortunately attracted the wrong type of people.

I personally don’t like regulations, however, there’s a reason we have regulations and it’s mainly because Libratarian minds like myself don’t speak up or do enough to combat problems some people are very passionate about. So these passionate people will often go to state with a strong sales pitch, which they’ll also sell to a Left-leaning politician who will refine said sales pitch, into a political campaign that often leads to more regulations.

This is the reality of the world we live in today and that’s why I’m not sold on the concept. If they can stay under the radar maybe it will work. But if this becomes a trend, meaning others start getting involved I’m not so sure of their long-term success, plus the type of cryptocurrency they’ll be using isn’t disclosed on their front page as of this blogs publication so for me, as an investment, I’ll be out of this one. I want to remind readers that all cryptocurrencies aren’t created equal.

Cryptocurrencies now are going through the same transition gold-backed money went through in the past which has to do with trustworthiness. I often get hammered by people because I’m not anti-central bank or anti-fiat money. My stance remains that barter is barter and as long as I can use anything as means to barter for something else it has value. Just because I believe in a Gold Standard doesn’t mean that I should force my views on another. If I’m denied the right to use my cryptocurrency or fiat currency to purchase Gold or Silver then we have problems, other than that I think fiat has as much value crypto or a gold standard.

Final thoughts regarding

I personally won’t be joining as an investment, nor can I see myself using their services. With that said I don’t write these posts to tell people what to do with their time or their money. If you’re interested in joining do not let me stop you.

As many of you know when it comes to dating or meeting online in the adult arena my stance remains the same as of the date of this publication Adult Friend Finder is my site of choice. women and men reading this both should consider joining Adult Friend Finder as there are lots of opportunities to meet people using their services. As I like to point out Adult Friend Finder is a premium service, it’s been online since 1996, it’s American, it’s law-abiding and you can use your countries local currency to participate.

I often write about premium services, namely American owned premium dating services for a reason it’s because it’s very difficult to run a business in the U.S with all the regulations and the mere fact that Adult Friend Finder not only survived but thrived under that regulatory environment even hiring American workers should tell you something. I don’t like too many complications, that’s just me, I don’t believe in equal outcomes I believe in equal opportunities and it’s one of the reasons I think you may want to consider giving them a try.

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