Review Is It a Scam?

Several messages within a few weeks regarding, definitely one of my least favorite topics to write about but it’s in our industry so we did get around to addressing it. Many of you that have been following us, me etc. know what we think about penis enhancement pills that claim to do more than just give you erections. There are lots of fake reviews out there, that write in length and give 5 and 10 star reviews of known scam erection pills that many of us know do not work, many of these fake review sites will call scams legit. I’m no doctor but I know what I know. Ok so Progentra claims and I quote

“Guaranteed to Experience a Larger, Thicker Penis”

It’s 2017 when I’m writing this btw so keep that in mind if you land on this post in the future and their website states something completely different. As I’ve said plenty of times, it’s not just about the ingredients it’s also about the quality of the ingredients, were each ingredient aged long enough. Important notice Progentra hasn’t been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration why this matters is because typically all natural ingredients have to go through proper processes in order to work effectively. It’s not about blending ingredients and then either liquefying them or shoving them into a pill form. Currently I can’t find any verifiable evidence that actually works. They’re making good use in the flaws of Youtube as well as what appears to be “testimonials” on their website.

Personal thoughts regarding

There are a lot of penis enhancement pills online today, many have been exposed, many we’ve tried, I actually stopped trying penis enhancement pills after I learned about the private labeling, the side effects and some of the short changing that was going on in this industry. A lot of the new products being introduced are actually being re-introduced. Example a company got exposed for being a fraud so it simply rebranded itself. Now I’m not accusing of doing this but the claims it’s making regarding PROGENTRA’S ADVANCED SYNER-BOOST FORMULA and PROGENTRA’S ACCELRATED EXPANSION TECHNOLOGY (Yes I know it’s spelled “ACCELERATED” – that’s where they get you wink, wink) is something you will want to consider looking into independently prior to ordering.

When it comes to permanent penis enhancement or growing your penis permanently using a pill or for a period that extends your erection, other than surgery Size Genetics or other such devices are the only known methods that actually have proof that they work. Penis pills typically don’t do this all that have claimed to do this tend to be scams. With that said when most of my subscribers see the Size Genetics device and the reality hits them of what they need to do, they often just ask for the erection pill or ask other than viagra or cialis what pills actually work. Is legit well I most certainly won’t be recommending anyone to try them.

Final thoughts regarding

Based on my reviews and for the record I’m not a doctor I do think Progentra is a scam. With that said if you want to give them a try don’t let me stop you. They have phone support, they accept paypal, they appear to be offering something different. Based on what I know about the ingredients they have listed on their website I have major doubts their product will do what it claims to do.

I also warn my subscribers to be wary of fake testimonials. One of the reasons I write this stuff is because I was scammed by fake reviews and fake testimonials so I’m hoping to help people make better decisions prior to ordering anything. No I don’t recommend so any questions or concerns you have about Progentra should be sent to their staff directly.

Since the explosion of Viagra and Cialis the erection pill market has exploded so much so that some erection pill companies have been forced to prove their supplement works.  VigRX Plus is one of the rare companies that’s actually done that. You can view the VigRX Plus test results for yourself on their website. Others have tried and failed which as I’ve stated earlier caused most companies to shut down operations and rebrand themselves.

There exists no supplement that works for everybody, but we go by what’s worked for the most people and based on results  VigRX Plus has been the most consistent performer and our results date back as far back as 2009. VigRX Plus hasn’t had to rebrand itself in anyway. One thing I have to add however don’t expect VigRX Plus to do the things  Progentra claims to do. Legitimate erection supplements tend to just tell what their products do and allow you to decide. Anyway I’m done with this topic for today, We will try to address other topics as soon as possible either on forums or the blogs. Wish you all the best.

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