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Based on the feedback I’ve received I’ve recently focused on addressing the Sugar Baby dating niche websites and App, in regards to which as of December 2018 is owned by Digisec Media Limited, based on my reviews it doesn’t appear to be a scam, I wouldn’t exactly call them legit and this activity for U.S based users doesn’t seem as high as some of the other similar dating websites I’ve reviewed. This seems to be the result that RichMeetBeautiful was only launched in 2017 and therefore they haven’t been able to attract as many members as they’d like too yet. For your records, Rich Meet Beautiful is not a U.S based company, I’ll explain the possible reasons why in the next paragraph, their address is below:

Digisec Media Limited
33 34 , Regent House,
Bissazza Street
SLM 1640

Personal Thoughts regarding

The Sugar baby, sugar daddy online dating niche has always fluctuated primarily because U.S based companies don’t want to get stuck with the problem. As many people know was seized by the FBI and as of this posting, you can still see the FBI message on that domain. Now, the main reason was shut down was that it’s free and it’s a known fact that human traffickers were using it, because of this, the U.S based companies like Adult Friend Finder has stayed far away from any dating niche that even resembles and yes, this includes sugar baby dating also.

So, in case some of you are confused with why Adult Friend Finder operates the way they do, it’s because they’re staying in the legal confines of U.S laws because Adult Friend Finder is a U.S based company. In case you haven’t noticed most sugar baby dating websites are located outside of the U.S, sure there are some who are taking the risk, but Adult Friend Finder has been online since 1996 for a reason, they follow the laws, I just wanted to make sure people understand that although I don’t write in depth about certain topics, my recommendations are based on doing my best to keep my subscribers on the right side of the law.

In regards to, it was launched around 2017 and it’s a competitive space which based on my reviews at least for now it’s not the best option for most people.

Final thoughts regarding

Based on my reviews, it does seem legitimate, however, I think they may have a growth problem moving forward unless changes are made, to how their website is structured. Because most of the other sugar baby niche dating Apps and website seem to have more active North American members than does so if you’re using them without any success you may want to consider expanding your horizons. Any questions or concerns you have regarding should be sent to their staff directly.

Domestically I tend to write more about adult dating than Sugar Baby dating, of course, I like to travel and write about international dating but domestically as many of you are aware I’m a huge supporter of Adult Friend Finder which for your records began as a Swingers dating website, what happened at Adult Friend Finder is not common amongst most dating websites today, because they were forced to change based on actual member demands, now obviously U.S laws prevent Adult Friend Finder from completely taking over, but women and men often feel better using them primarily because they’re a premium service that’s expanded over to adult dating and entertainment.

A lot of successful people use Adult Friend Finder however as a premium service there’s no need for them to be part of a niche that could compromise all members, which again is why you’ll often read me using the term adult dating. If you read the terms you’ll notice that it has to spend a considerable amount of time condemning escorts from using its services, most U.S based companies especially the large ones like Adult Friend Finder avoid getting involved in that, which is why the longer you remain a member, the more you’ll appreciate the premium service they provide.

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