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If you’re a subscriber or follower of mine and you were redirected to this page to get straight to the point for those of you not wanting to read this post in full. Based on my review and the reviews of many others is legit and is not a scam. they have honest billing practices, they have legitimate members, there might be some individual scammers on RussianCupid however the is not out to purposely scam anyone. As of May 2017 and yes I know this was overdue because some of the questions pertaining to Russian Cupid go as far back as 2015, I do live a busy life as many of you know so when I have the time I write these reviews based on my personal experiences I’ve had with Cupid Media related international dating websites.

Personal thoughts regarding

Most of my subscribers are American and many of you know that when I write about international dating I like to give my subscribers a broader understanding of what they’re getting themselves into. A lot of men that live outside the United States dream of dating American women, they may have the most beautiful women in their country however the grass looks greener on the other side.

Same goes for many American men and the question that often baffles most American men about dating international or find a Russian bride is why are so many of these women single? I often reply with why are there so many beautiful single women in the United States? Based on my travels the reasons most women are single globally is because men focus more on economics than do women. Real Men typically want to be providers prior to getting into serious relationships.

Now in western society or the more developed nations women are given more of an economic safety net than are men. This often results in women raising their standards for relationships. When most men get a taste of those sometimes unachievable high standards they often opt to stay single or seek alternative relationships. Many of you who follow me know that alternative relationships is my passion. is a facilitator for men and women who seek alternative relationships and as the world gets more developed I expect international dating to be more normalised.

What makes international dating so appealing is that age is nothing but a number to women outside of the western world. I’ve heard people attack French president Emmanuel Macron for marrying an older woman or attack President Donald Trump for marrying a younger woman. But there’s nothing legally wrong with it? It’s simply a matter of the media some people’s personal belief systems that put taboos on something nature created. International dating Websites like breathe life back into topics that people with their own objectives would rather stamp their own negative label on.

Now as many of you are aware I personally recommend Foreign Affair if especially if you’re an American wanting to date internationally. One of the reasons I recommend Foreign Affair is because of this act called IMBRA (The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005). If you meet a beautiful person from Russia you do not want to complicate things by handling it incorrectly. I get messages all the time from people that did it the wrong way and they’re losing 10 years of their lives and tens, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars just to be together.

People have been trying to attack international daters for years, and unfortunately men who are genuinely looking for love get caught up in the stupidity. I tell my subscribers all the time pay now or pay later. If you’re not in the financial condition international dating is probably not the thing for you right now. Unlike others I will not fabricate how international dating works. It’s best that you get your finances in order prior to dating internationally. If your finances are in order based on my experiences Foreign Affair is the best international dating service period end of story.

Especially for Americans, Foreign Affair is U.S based, they have legit testimonials, radio shows, Television shows, verified members, they’re also IMBRA compliant. Being IMBRA compliant is very important if you’re a U.S resident as we all know the U.S and Russia are military powers… I shouldn’t have to say anything else. Foreign Affair is not perfect but based on my experiences they save you a lot of time, a lot of hassle and they have the testimonials to back it up.

Final thoughts regarding is very much a legit based on my reviews they’re not a scam. Try not confuse individuals who might be trying to scam you with Cupid Media intentionally trying to scam you. On every dating website there are scammers. I often talk about the downsides to free dating websites. People have been robbed because of free dating websites does that mean that the free dating website is a scam? No! RussianCupid does a pretty good job answering questions, so any questions or concerns you have about them should be directed to their staff directly.

If you ever wonder why the women vastly outnumber the men at Foreign Affair quite frankly it’s because when most men see what’s involved they don’t want to bother. I’ve seen it first hand, I’ve been in the adult industry for almost 2 decades now. This experience is why it’s imperative for me to make sure that people know the difference between legitimate adult swingers online dating and the fake. In case you haven’t noticed the alternative dating world is constantly under attack. More rules, more regulations, more taxes etc. It’s not easy for an American owned adult dating site like Adult Friend Finder to weather the storm.

There are people and entities in this world that want all people to attack and behave in a certain way. These people and entities want humanity to heel, they don’t want us to be able to think outside the box, instead they want us to do as they say. Many of us speak and write highly about Adult Friend Finder because they started in 1996. I know for many of my younger readers it’s hard to understand but the separation of church and state is still an ongoing fight. All sides have a voice and all sides should be heard, but the problem occurs when one side wants to shut up the other side.

That’s when unforeseen problems arise, the attacks on Adult Friend Finder actually led to more scam adult dating being created. I’m understanding of why some adult industry businesses that began in America moved to foreign lands. But this also caused problems to arise. I’m a member of Adult Friend Finder it’s been advocate for alternative dating since 1996, they addressed the LGBT community before it became cool for politicians to do it. In my opinion and I wrote way too much here they’re the best dating website online. Anyway I wish you all the best, life is short live it too the fullest.

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