Review Is It a Scam?

To start the first thing I have to warn the reader is that a lot of people over the age of 50 are victims of frauds mainly because of adult dating sites. That being said I want any reading this to be aware that even though is at least at the moment a legit dating site this doesn’t mean that there won’t be members on trying to take advantage of you. If you’re going to sign up for it’s important that you use caution when selecting a partner and also I highly recommend that you DO NOT give out any money to anyone you meet.

My thoughts on at the date I’m writing this is a part of the Adult Friend Finder network. Adult Friend Finder is swingers’ online dating site that dedicated to bringing adult online daters together in a variety of ways. Adult Friend Finder has several online dating sites and Senior Sizzle at the moment at least is one of them. Adult Friend Finder is a great network but be warned that when joining that there are people that join Adult Friend Finder just to take advantage of others. I’ve met strippers, escorts, thieves and convicted felons on Adult Friend Finder. On the flip side I’ve also met some very nice people on Adult Friend Finder too the point I’m trying to bring home is that even though Senior Sizzle is legit it doesn’t mean you won’t find some horrible human beings there.

Final thoughts on

Join at your own risk however if you join and want to meet someone I recommend taking the necessary steps to do so these steps include talking to as much people as possible and also putting your best foot forward, if you join and act like an idiot or a jerk don’t expect to see much results. The Adult Friend Finder in my view at the moment at least is the one of if not the best swingers adult dating sites online it also boast over 40 million members world.

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