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For the most part as of January 2013 is site to consider if you live in the United Kingdom if you reside in the United States or Canada it’s not a site I would personally recommend to you at this time. When it comes to adult dating websites one of the first things I tell people is to only join the largest ones. If you’re wondering why I say this the answer is simple more people means more chances of people joining. Lots of people don’t like adult dating websites and the truth is most people quit adult dating websites after a few days of trying this is why I’m very selective when it comes to committing to any adult dating website.

Personal thoughts on

Like any dating website the potential is there however the problem I have with is that it seems to only be targeting a male audience. When I visit Set for sex all I see is pictures of women and a banner that says “Voted best “Fuck buddy” site on the web – Voted 2012″. Whatever the hell that means it doesn’t resonate well with me. With all kinds of scam dating websites all over the web I find it hard to be even a fan of with a slogan like that one. Plus I would also like to know who voted them number one in that “category”?

Final thoughts on

Personally I would not recommend Setforsex to a friend and therefore I will not be recommending it to any of readers at this time. Adult dating is a very tough business some people think all you have to do is create a website and the people will come WRONG! There is a lot of marketing to bring people in and there is also a lot of marketing and testing to keep people interested. If you want to sign up for don’t let my opinion stop you I wish you all the best.

As I’ve said before what separates adult dating from standard online dating is the marketing adult dating websites have to do a lot more than regular dating websites do to attract both male and female members. How do I know this because I’ve been using and trying different adult dating websites for over 10 years now and out of al the ones I’ve tried the only that has had the continued winning formula is Adult Friend Finder.

As some of you know Adult Friend Finder has over million registered members registered meaning people actually signed up there are sites that claim to have millions of members but most of these members are usually fakes purchased wholesale from failed dating websites. Yes folks dating websites do fail and when they do information is passed around. I want to make it clear that I ‘m not saying is involved with this however based on their Alexa traffic numbers I wouldn’t trust them.

Adult Friend Finder on the other hand has been online before 1999 and it’s a swingers site meaning couples use to meet people. I recommend Adult Friend Finder because of personal success I’ve had using it. I can’t guarantee you the kind of success I’ve had but what I can say based on personal experience is that Adult Friend Finder has been the best adult dating website online for me. I’ve had more success to date using this site than any other dating website and this includes free dating websites I’ve tried and Facebook.

What I will say to finish off is that I’ve learned that internet dating is not for everyone so if you’re finding it hard to find success online I suggest getting out more hit up bars and nightclubs don’t limit yourself this is only one option.

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