Review Is It a Scam?

Definitely one of the more creative domain names in the live webcam world ShesFreakyLive for those of you who simply showed up to this post for a quick answer, based on my personal reviews is legit an not a scam. What confused most of my subscribers about Shes Freaky Live is that it’s a niche site. One visit to in 2017 I can guarantee you that majority of the users are black or of African ancestry. But yes to answer the question is part of the same network that owns streamate and if you’re unsure or don’t believe me you can contact’s support at 1-866-941-3982.

As many of you know I don’t just write positive reviews without actually trying the site for myself. I try I review and I make comparisons, as I’ve told many of my subscribers time and time again I don’t do the whole top 5, 5 – 10 stars type of reviews because that’s how I got scammed. I just name my personal favorites that I use and let you decide for yourself.

Personal thoughts regarding

The company behind ShesFreakyLive is legit, now some of said that some of the sites that are associated or that seem to be associated with ShesFreakyLive could be considered scams and some I’ve called scams, but that doesn’t make an adult entertainment based site like Shes Freaky Live a scam. As I’ve said in plenty of posts and I admit the topic is rather subjective I think Live Jasmin is better, I think it’s a better option provides more bang for your buck, offers a better service etc.

But just because I think Live Jasmin is better doesn’t mean that I think is a scam. As many of you know, because I do a lot of traveling and being that I’m in the adult entertainment world I know a lot of live webcam models and a lot of them do not only work Live Jasmin they may also work for the competition. As private contractors in this industry it allows them flexibility but knowing what I know I about this industry as well as the platforms Live Jasmin based on my reviews is the best.

Final thoughts regarding is legit it’s not a scam based on my reviews they’re worthy of your consideration. Any questions or concerns you have about ShesFreakyLive should be sent to their staff directly. Yes to answer your billing related questions because many of my subscribers come from different countries and use different currencies I purposely omit from talking about money. If you’re thinking of joining you’re an adult that should be capable of making your own financial decisions. If you can’t afford the service don’t use it and any billing confusion you have should be directed to the staff. I’ve never had any billing problems with this company personally.

If you’ve been online and in the adult online world for as long as I have you get to see the first hand the evolution of things. I often write favorably about Adult Friend Finder (an American owned dating website) because I was able to watch first hand how they set trends and created a service that now in 207 is taken for granted. Adult Friend Finder has been online since 2006. Many of us know Adult Friend Finder as a swingers dating website. Early on as many of you know I didn’t write about them much because there was no reason or incentive for me too.

Then the foreign owned dating scammers sites started flooding the net and most of my subscribers quite frankly couldn’t tell the difference between the real and the fake. One of the main features that make Adult Friend Finder unique is how they were able to match online dating (which can be extremely boring) with fantacy, marriage enhancement, webcams and relationships. I’ve made a lot of connections because of Adult Friend Finder I’ve said this over and over and over again. One of the reasons Adult Friend Finder has survived is because it works. They’ve proven men, women straight or gay have a place in the dating world.

Unlike other dating sites Adult Friend Finder has a section for Transgenders. A lot of you over look this I try to remind people that Adult Friend Finder had this section long before any of the traditional sites did. As a matter a fact as many of you know most dating websites don’t even address these social issues in 2017. Adult Friend Finder is a premium service that is very important to many of us. If you like you may also want to consider joining us at Adult Friend Finder there’s good reason why many of us have been members for years. Sure some of you won’t understand it, but I like to be around like minded people. I wish you all the best life is short make sure you enjoy it!

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