Review Is It a Scam?

Mail order bride services have always been from my perspective a good idea for men only if you’re in your late forties maybe early fifties now a days men even in their twenties are considering these services which is something that I find really weird. For most men mail order bride services are a real eye opener and what I mean by this is for many of us men our eyes will open to the truth that maybe we aren’t the horny sexual beings that media portrays us as.

What I mean by this is if you ever try some kind of mail order bride service what you’ll notice first “if you actually meet the women” is how eager many of these women are to please you. Some men might say these women are only this way because they want to get out of their country and live better lives in developed nations but it goes far deeper than that. As a man you will also start to wonder how this woman no matter how beautiful she is will fit into you lifestyle also there’s the language barrier and the cultural differences. Mail order services aren’t as simple as some people believe they are.

Personal thoughts on

I’ve seen and tried quite a few mail order bride services and the one thing that stands out with is how easy it is to use their website. Sign up is easy contacting them easy contacting the women is easy. Everything about is simple and easy to understand which is great and explains their overall success up to this point. They also have toll free number for Americans and convenient phone numbers for men interested from other nations it’s a very nice setup.

Personally I would rank Single Baltic lady right now as one of the best foreign bride services online in terms of their setup. is not a scam but I started off this article so men understand what they’re getting into when they use these types of services. If you’re not in a good financial situation this might not be the type of service for you. There is an old saying that goes “first you get the money then you get the power then you get the women.”

It’s highly recommended that you have your own life established before using any service like this. In fact it’s my advice and I’m telling you all this from experience here that first create the life and the lifestyle you want for yourself first before bring or adding any woman or man into it. The main reason there are some many divorces in my opinion is because people got married before they got know their individual selves. Get know yourself before getting to know other women or men so call this selfish I call it being smart. Service like work better if you know exactly what you want in a partner; when you know what you want you can communicate it to another person.

Final thoughts on is legit it is not a scam I know for most of you this is more than you might have wanted to read but I wrote this because this is subject I have a lot of passion about. has been around since 1997 reviews have been very good the negative reviews I’ve read have mostly come from guys that either didn’t go to meet any women or they just didn’t fully understand what they we’re getting themselves into. If you subscribe to reading reviews remember that most of the negative reviews come from people who have preconceived notions of what something should be. In my book a company is a scam only if you paid money’s and they didn’t deliver as promised. To finish I want to point out that I think both Anastasia date and A Foreign Affair provide a very good service as well.

Best wishes to you all I hope you find you happiness!

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