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SugarDaddyMeet is part of the SuccessfulMatch Networks which is a Canadian Network which for many of us in the adult world know them via their two class action lawsuits collectively known as Doe v. that accuse that particular dating website of luring what was considered as vulnerable daters who tested positive for STDs by promising anonymity and strong privacy protection. You can read up on that, it’s all over Google, I know about it because as many of you know my background is in adult entertainment and this was something we all paid close attention too because as many people know most adult dating networks now avoid particular niches namely the Sugar baby niche.

Based on my reviews is legit and is not a scam, with that said as many people know I’m very opinionated on this topic.

Personal thoughts regarding

Now, a frequent question regarding Adult Friend Finder is why the focus on swingers when it’s turned into such a massive network? Well, to better understand I ask the reader to read the bottom of the SugarDaddyMeet website where it states the following:

Disclaimer: SugarDaddyMeet is not an escort service. SugarDaddyMeet does not support escorts or prostitution. Profiles that may violate these terms and services will be banned.

Now, why is that disclaimer so important, well as some of you know in Canada Prostitution like many other parts of the world is illegal, however, the laws governing what is considered prostitution in Canada differs from the United States. Being that Adult Friend Finder is U.S based they have to be extremely and I mean extremely careful with how they promote themselves. I know my posts can come across as Pro-American at times, by even with a Trump Presidency regulations are still killing a lot of American businesses. I’ve been a member of Adult Friend Finder for years for good reason and I know a lot more why certain services aren’t available than what I write about. Because if I were to detail why certain things are the way they are, my blog posts would have over 30,000 words.

What I will say is most of the large Canadian dating networks are legitimate, so if you’re interested in joining Sugar Daddy Meet don’t let me stop you.

Final thoughts regarding

SugarDaddyMeet is legit it’s not a scam, with that said, I’m not an active member of their site, any questions or concerns you have about should be addressed to their staff directly.

Now, the whole SugarDaddy Sugar Baby thing has always fascinated me, because as an older person when I get to the heart of younger people wanting to date older people, the relationships often have a lot less to do with sex and money and more to do with companionship. This is why I often encourage older single males to consider joining us on a “Singles Tour” at times I’ve called it a romance tour. These Singles Tours assist women in meet men, now for these Non-US foreign women, a vast majority of them don’t put much emphasis on age. The service is called  Foreign Affair it’s a professional introductions service and why I ask men of means/ middle class men to consider trying it is because it will remind many of you that the male and female relationship is more than what the social engineers want you to think it is.

All humans make decisions that are best for them, we’d all like to believe that we all want the same things, when the truth is we don’t What we all want deep down is to be free and as happy to be ourselves as possible. Of course, we need laws to govern ourselves, but I think a lot of people forget that certain laws put forth by the government have unintended consequences. What’s happening in modern day society is a lot of people are single, not necessarily because they want to be, but because they’ve been led to believe that if they live outside of what’s socially acceptable they’ll be socially ostracised and this, of course, is why a lot of local women even if they find older men attractive will opt for a younger person who they know they’re not compatible with.

When given the choice adult women actually behave a lot different than what society deems acceptable. we’ve all heard the stories of women dating younger and older men, these are only stories because the mainstream news outlets want you to believe this somehow abnormal when in fact it’s been happening for as long humanity has been documented. If you believe in creation theories Adam existed before Eve, I write these posts because I think everyone should have a chance at finding their ideal companion and I personally prefer dating websites or Apps that think outside of the box.

Adult Friend Finder differs from because it’s a swingers dating website, of course, they’ve evolved from being in just the swingers niche, however, I want to make sure my readers understand why when you join Adult Friend Finder you see some of the features you see. Adult Friend Finder has always tried to meet we the members demands however the legal framework only allows so much, which is why I cite particular U.S sources for people looking for other alternatives.

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