Review Is It a Scam?

In my opinion the concept of is a great idea however and unfortunately this is nothing new, if you search Google you’ll probably notice in a few minutes that there are plenty of these sites online that being said if you’re going to pay to join any online dating site in my personal opinion it’s a much better idea to use an online dating website that has a lot of members and by a lot I mean at least 1 million members. At the moment does not have this many members so although the concept of the site is nice at the moment I would avoid becoming an upgraded member. is not a scam I just think they need more members to make their  site better! is a site dedicated big beautiful women

In society where often force fed this ideal visual of both males and females that we’re all supposed to desire and want to become attempts to create an online dating site that caters to big beautiful women I think this is a great idea however at the moment there aren’t that many members at and until they do get more members I recommend avoiding it.

Final thoughts on

I don’t like people telling me what to do so I won’t tell you however my personal thoughts are avoid upgrading until their membership base grows that being said don’t let my personal opinion stop you from joining My views on online dating which is a very competitive industry is join dating sites that have a lot of people on them, in my personal opinion it’s a much better idea to join a dating site with over 1 million members on it.

As it stands now Adult Friend Finder in my opinion is the best dating website online, it’s a swingers site but it has a lot of big beautiful women on it. Adult Friend Finder has over 40 million registered users worldwide and growing actually just a few month’s ago Adult Friend Finder had 35 million users which shows you Adult Friend Finder‘s ability to grow n a very competitive dating market.

All in all Adult Friend Finder has beautiful members and I enjoy chatting with and meeting all of the people in my local area. One thing I will recommend before joining Adult Friend Finder is to be honest and try to be friendly, don’t get angry or discouraged if someone decides not to chat with try and realize that there more lots more people to choose from.

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