Review Is It a Scam?

I’m proud to say that I was among the first to educate people about how these penis pills really work. First thing I want to say is these pills and this industry as a whole operates in a very deceptive manner and I also advise the reader to be careful playing games with your penis. Impotence because of medication is real and most men don’t find out until it’s too late. A person can now purchase Viagra on their website and the reason they’re doing this is because there are a lot of people purchasing penis enhancement pills from relatively unknown companies like or and the instances of impotence claims are piling up by the thousands.

Personal thoughts regarding and are the same website offering the same thing being honest most men fall for the whole a bigger penis equals better success with women this is a complete lie. For most women sex is the last thing on their minds and for the women that make sex a top priority why would you care what she has to say if sex is the first thing on a woman’s mind she’s clearly not worth buying under the counter penis pills for. Just do with her what real men do fuck and then leave her if a woman can’t like you for who you really are she’s not worth your time. Of course most men don’t want to hear which is why they’ll waste money purchasing

Final thoughts regarding

I will say stay away their credit card section looks like a complete scam I don’t see any real protection on that page plus if you try to leave their webpage they’ll offer you a discount. looks like a complete scam to me I don’t think they’re legit and I would tell anyone asking me to avoid doing business with this company. I highly recommend calling their Telephone Support: 1 (800) 259-6817 before placing an order this will probably give you a better understanding of why I don’t trust this company. If you want to try them review their product for yourself and write your own reviews about what happened. It also be noted that Extenze has a much better reputation than Hugegenics does,  Extenze has actual proof and real testimonials of their product working where Huge genic is just one big marketing gimmick with no real results to prove anything

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