UptoFlirt.com Review Is It a Scam?

Based on my reviews I don’t think UptoFlirt.com is legit and I do think it’s a scam. My primary concern with Up to Flirt is the network it’s connected with. UptoFlirt is part of the PORTICATO MEDIA LTD network and based on my reviews of this network in prior posts they’re scams so if you’re going to join them do so with the understanding of a few things. First thing is their current location is hard to pinpoint and quite frankly I’m not entirely sure if their location is a legitimate address or a virtual address. Secondly their terms, something they make hard to print, which is something I always do when reviewing legitimate dating websites

PORTICATO MEDIA LTD registered at Nwms Center 31 Southampton Row, Office 3.11, 3rd
Floor, London, England, WC1B 5HJ

Personal thoughts regarding UptoFlirt.com

In the past I used to sign up for every dating website I’d review, however, because it’s come to my attention that many are just blatant scams, I’ve held back from joining certain dating networks, namely the foreign darting websites that seem like they have something to hide. Most of these adult-themed dating websites are pretty much trying to sell you live webcam sex services, which is fine, however, is that these services are competitive and the company currently dominating this space is Live Jasmin most fraudulent dating websites based on my reviews use deceptive tactics to get people to join.

This is why it’s quite common now to see adult dating websites with fake members, so what will often happen is you’ll join a dating website UptoFlirt.com and then you’ll get messages from what appears to be attractive members only to find out that not only are that not members, they’re also not available on webcam, you find this out after you’ve given them money and based on my reviews, this is a waste of time, I find this happens most commonly with foreign-owned dating websites that make it hard for you to print or copy terms and privacy policy. When you join legit live webcam sex services like Live Jasmin what you see is what you get, there’s no deception, the member you see in the picture is the person you’ll chat with on live cam.

Final thoughts regarding UptoFlirt.com

Based on my reviews UptoFlirt.com is not legit and is a scam, with that said I don’t write this blog post to tell people what to do with their time or their money so if you want to join them, don’t let me stop you, just don’t say I didn’t warn you, any questions or concerns you have regarding UptoFlirt should be sent to their staff directly.

When it comes to adult dating I haven’t changed and I’ve been consistent with which adult dating website I believe is the best. Adult Friend Finder is American owned and it’s been online since 1996, for me and for millions of others it’s the only adult dating website that’s legit, obviously, it’s not perfect, because not everyone wants to have a full profile and not everyone wants to take the time to get to know someone, but for many of us Adult Friend Finder remains the best option.

It should be noted that Adult Friend Finder is an adult dating website based around demand and also following U.S laws, so although many of us would like them to do certain things it’s illegal for them to do it. So I know what many of you are thinking, but join get to know the members first and take things from there. It’s important to know that Adult Friend Finder is premium dating website which is something that shouldn’t be overlooked, we’ve all seen what’s happened to the free sex themed services over the years, this is why I’ve been an advocate for using premium services.

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