Is a scam?

Compared to some of the other online adult dating sites is pretty big. was first brought to my attention via a spam in my inbox and what usually gets men to sign up for is the messages they think they’re getting from women as free members. Many suspect that is paying people to contact free members to get them to sign up as paid members. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book and an easy way to detect this is to sign up as a free member post nothing on your profile and don’t upload a picture of yourself.

If you start to receive messages from hot girls in your area there’s a good chance that you’re being coerced into upgrading your membership by a bot or paid employee.

Are most of these adult dating websites scams?

Most adult dating websites are in fact scams and the scam is that there are allot more men then there are women on these almost all of these sites. That being said if you’re going to sign up for one it’s recommended that sign up for the biggest and most established adult dating website which as it stands now is Adult Friend Finder. First thing I will state about Adult Friend Finder is that if you don’t reside in a big city your results will be limited. Bigger cities like New York, London, Chicago and Los Angeles will obviously have the largest female selections

Final thoughts on

When i signed up with I found their site to be a bit fishy but maybe it’s just me. I personally would not upgrade with them, i’m not saying that is a fraud but just some of things going on there seem a it suspect. On the flip side I’ve used Adult Friend Finder and being that i’m a New Yorker I know first hand that the female members on Adult Friend Finder are 100% real

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