Review Is It a Scam?

If you’re wondering if is a scam, the answer is NO! Based on my reviews YouKandy is very much legit. What I will say is if you’ve tried some of the other webcam networks you might be a bit annoyed with how their lack of teasers without actually signing up. Personally when it comes to live webcam I prefer the transparency and landing pages of Live Jasmin where everything is on display similar to an online strip club. One of the major reasons Live Jasmin continues to lead the pack in the live webcam market is because their service operates the way most guys would prefer.

Personal thoughts regarding based on my reviews is very model friendly, if you you were to poll most talent they’d probably opt not to have their pictures or videos shown until the user pays. However that way of doing business has proven to be a difficult sell because majority of the fans want a sample prior to joining. I’ve been in this business a long time and I’ve even seen establishments with amazing talent fail because the fans didn’t agree with how the establishment did business. Based on my reviews Live Jasmin is number one in webcam for a reason and that reason revolves around them giving more to the fans than other similar businesses. is not alone in how they operate they webcam social network, There’s quite a few that do this. The subscriber that brought to my attention was shocked to see Live Jasmin asking me if I received a special pass to see so much without signing up. in my opinion is great if it’s your first experience with live webcam but it’s a harder sell when measured next to the competition. This doesn’t make as scam, far from it, they’re legit with their billing, their policies and with how they operate and are worthy of your consideration.

Final thoughts regarding

YouKandy is very much legit, based on my reviews they’re not a scam. With that said however I won’t be recommending them at this time. Any questions or concerns you have regarding should be sent to their staff directly. Yes I know unlike Live Jasmin and some of the other larger webcam networks currently they don’t have phone or live chat support however they do respond to emails sent on their contact us page. Yes this is one of the reason I currently (as of 2017) I do not recommend YouKandy however that hasn’t made them a scam in my book.

A lot of people don’t know how Live webcam came to be what it is today. Before the internet they’re use to be these people called phone sex operators. Writing this sort of exposes my age but this is one of the reasons why when swingers dating websites like Adult Friend Finder starting popping up a lot of people were extremely happy with what the future held. Phone sex and phone dating evolved in adult dating and Live webcam and one of the first companies to bring this concept to market was Adult Friend Finder. It’s amazing to me how the world has changed because initially Adult Friend Finder was bashed relentlessly for being immoral in the eyes of some extreme conservative or religious types now it’s bashed because they have offer a better service than their competitors and their foreign competitors want them out.

One of the major reasons Adult Friend Finder is the best is because they’re American owned and the success of their program is organic in nature because as I wrote earlier their roots begin in swingers dating. There’s a culture in certain parts of California that is hard for outsiders to understand that Adult Friend Finder tapped into way back in 1996. One of the reasons I began speaking out against fraudulent dating websites was because newbies were having a hard time telling the difference between the real and the foreign owned scams, which was having a negative impact on the industry. I wish you all the best life is short enjoy every day of it.

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