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Oddly enough is one of those free dating websites that has massive potential, I’m really puzzled about why is not more successful. came on the online dating scene with a big bang and then for some reason things just started to change members started not being active and now to be honest it’s hard to measure how much web visitors gets daily in April 2012.

Personal thoughts on

First thing I want to make clear is that is free to join that being said you have little to lose from joining this site. Where I take issue with is that they seem not to be marketing their dating site anymore. This is a big no, no for an online dating site. The online dating industry is extremely competitive and if you want to stay in the game you have to advertise looking at ranking I’m honestly surprised with the huge drop off has experienced. When it comes to online dating it seems as though is stomping out the competition.

Final thoughts on

If you’re into free online dating which I am not at you’re not having success anywhere else I would give a try. If you’re curious about online dating I would give a try as well. It is free personally especially lately I haven’t experience much success using free online dating sites however I did have success using free online dating sites in the past. should be considered an option for free online dating.

More serious daters typically don’t use free online dating sites and the reason is obvious one of the major reasons serious people don’t use free dating sites is because a lot of the profiles on free online dating sites are fake many times men will create female dating profiles to steal other ideas from other males on how to pick up women online this is why free dating sites to me are a waste of time. No credit card means anybody can join and be whomever they want. Currently my favorite online dating site is Adult Friend Finder combining dating with entertainment in my opinion has turned Adult Friend Finder into a site that continues to grow every year despite any recessions or internet changes.

People like myself that stick with Adult Friend Finder see and understand the value Adult Friend Finder brings to online dating. Yes Adult Friend Finder is primarily a swingers dating site but the people you meet at Adult Friend Finder can’t be found anywhere and they definately can’t be found on no free online dating site.

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