Review Is It a Scam?

To start I want to make sure the reader understands that the only reason I’m even writing this post and the only reason I even know that ‘City Sweeties’ found at exists is because of a spam email message sent to me by them or one of their associates.

Based on my reviews CitySweeties is not legit and is indeed a scam. Based on my review it appears has a lot of fake dating profiles and don’t only mean the ones with hearts on them. It appears that most of the profiles are either bought or outright fraudulent profiles. Terms and Conditions

If you’re thinking about joining CitySweeties you’d be better off joining Live Jasmin which is a live webcam sex chat service where at the very least you’ll know the pictures of the members you’ll see are indeed real. If you read the bottom of the CitySweeties you’l get better idea of why Live Jasmin is a much better option.

A preview of the CitySweeties terms below: is designed for pleasure and entertainment. Fictional entertainers’ profiles marked with a heart icon are for entertainment purposes only, physical contact with these profiles is not possible.

We strongly advise you to read our Terms and Conditions before using our service.

Try not to get mesmerized by the fancy wording, take them at their word, and again I remind you that I only know of via spam email.

Final thoughts regarding

Based on my reviews ‘City Sweeties’ found at is not legit and is indeed a scam, with that aid I want to make it clear that I don’t write these posts to tell people what to do with their time or their money, so if you want to join don’t let me stop you, just don’t say I didn’t warn you, and questions you have for CitySweeties should be sent to their staff directly.

If your intention was to join a legitimate adult dating website, based on my personal reviews Adult Friend Finder reigns supreme in that niche. A brief history lesson about Adult Friend Finder they’ve been online since 1996, they’re American owned, and their origins are in Swingers dating which was quietly popular in certain regions of the United States in the 1990s.

Their expansion occurred based on results and testimonials, I have to point out that the world was a little different in the 1990s, and adult dating was demonized, which is why I didn’t even write about Adult Friend Finder until about a decade ago. I’m writing this post in 2020 and they’ve evolved into a full-blown adult dating experience that stays within the confines of modern laws.

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