Review Is It a Scam?

Based on my reviews City Swoon which s currently found by going to is not a scam and is indeed legit. I would call CitySwoon more of a “Progressive” online speed dating website that appears to be taking online dating to a different level.

Based on my reviews of online dating in general, people definitely want speed, one of the reasons Tinder as an example was so successful is because basically, all the users had to do was “Swipe” Left or Swipe right, easy, simple, and fast.

Now, I don’t want this review to serve as a recommendation or an endorsement for CitySwoon because it’s not, what I’m writing here is that their service appears to be legit.

Personal thoughts regarding

So for years now, I’ve been writing about Live Jasmin not only for men but for I’ve been recommending it for women also, initially people didn’t understand the value of Live Jasmin and then COVID-19 hit, then Onlyfans became popular now, some of the reviews I wrote way back in 2014 about Live Jasmin sound like I wrote them yesterday, this was because as an actual user of Live Jasmin I knew the net was heading in this direction.

Now, although CitySwoon is catering to a different demographic, the selling point is clearly the ability to chat with someone you’re interested in, in real-time. Now why I’m not endorsing City Swoon is that I understand how fast people get bored on these dating APPS.

I like to point out that I’ve reviewed more live webcam services and dating APPs than most people even know exist. I go through the motions of setting up a profile, WAITING, the disappointments, and the successes and this is why I’ve come to many of the conclusions I’ve come to.

Final thoughts regarding

Based on my reviews CitySwoon is not a scam, in my opinion, it’s legit, however, it’s not for everyone and as of the time I’m writing this post, it’s still very new, and not many members are on their platform. I expect things to change in the future with the right promotion, but this isn’t a guarantee, I’ve reviewed a lot of dating websites and apps that never become successful. Any questions or concerns you have regarding City Swoon should be sent to their staff directly.

When it comes to DOMESTIC online dating, I still lean towards adult dating. I think both men and women do themselves a disservice by not joining an adult dating website like Adult Friend Finder. Why do I claim this, because this is how most people are, most people join Adult Friend Finder not only for ‘their online dating’ but also for their additional features and offers.

Online dating is boring,  most online dating services spend millions on advertising, Adult Friend Finder on the other hand has survived since 1996 via its members. Adult Friend Finder began as a swingers dating website in 1996 and its services spread like wildfire.

Obviously, the net is a different place in the year 2021, but Adult Friend Finder survived the test of time because based on my reviews its services benefit both men and women in several different ways.


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